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    Name that font!

    maybe you wont find it at all. there is a posibility that the previous authors of the logos started from one (the same) font and then added their creativity. that will differ from author and inspiration/creativity so you will have easier (in this case) or harder task of recreating them. if...
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    throw ideas at me before I resign to saving and replacing hardware :D

    Radeon 9800 pro 128mb + vga silencer heatsink <<= did you try with different vga?
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    CPU Shutdown - PLEASE HELP

    same as perris, Would the computer heat up that fast? the cpu can burn up by the time you see the winxp logo.
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    AMD Athlon 1900 (overheating)

    Frostytech - Articles & Reviews see that 1u coolers?
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    2 cards in front of me - need to know which is a better fit for me

    Geforce 4mx440(DDR) is faster than a radeon 7X00, go for it.
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    HP driver question

    install the chipset drivers why.dependsonthechipset.try/google
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    Help Me Overclock my Radeon!?

    dont remember pstrip was free?
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    Help Me Overclock my Radeon!?

    Have you tried? ATI Tool RadClocker and dont expect anything more from that 64bit card it's slower than a fx5200 ultra
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    Xvid and Media player?

    AC3Filter try it.
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    Xvid and Media player?

    ac3 codec?
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    data recovery software programs

    maybe winzip (older versions?) had an option of saving the bmp code as an archive.
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    data recovery software programs

    1gb bmp's = use a spare drive, but this sounds like the data is realy ... extracting it from bmp - no chance. which gdb ver. are you using? (try the latest). what kind of data are we talking about?
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    data recovery software programs

    Getdataback is one of the best ones, so if it didnt find anything, eighter you dont know how to use it(?), or the most probably you overwrighted the data with no chance of recovering. GoodLuck.
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    Transparent Text Editor -

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    XP hangs every X minutes

    use task manager to see if some prog. is using lot of res. in that moment..
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    kb/interface error

    if you can get in bios then the mb is ok, so you have to reinstall windows.
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    weird looking my computer icon

    few ways Delete the icon cache X:\Documents and Settings\XXX\Local Settings\Application Data (it will rebuild upon restart) Restore the dll (with the system icons) %SystemRoot%\system32\SHELL32.dll with a good one (from winxp cd) and maybe try tweakui - rebuild icons thats all i can...
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    Wierd Error

    have you heard of print screen?
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    XP Spontaneous reboot

    memory instability (check voltage & timings). maybe you should try with other memory.
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    OpenGL Refresh Rate