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    Xbox LIVE Gamertags

    Mine is pip2007. I don't have a mic but it's still cool to play.
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    Wireless Xbox Adapter w/ a Modded XBOX?

    I just found one at Target for $39.99 but that was a special clearence price. I installed it and can't say much against it. I think the setup disk will still work as it acts like a game so if you can play a game I'd think you could install it.
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    My CD-ROM and CD Burner are not showing up

    I had a problem sort of like that where my CD software wouldn't see my burner. Oddly, just changing to drive to something else and then returning it to the old drive letter fixed it.
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    Sharing Information with Microsoft Worker

    Okay, here's the deal. I'm a tester for SP2. Like a long time ago I submitted a bug relating to installing SP2 Beta. Today I got a personal e-mail from a Microsoft worker asking for some information. He had a few basic questions and then gave me a prompt to run that output a bunch of...
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    What key is browser info in?

    Yeah but they wouldn't know what is means or where it's from.
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    What key is browser info in?

    My reason for it was that if I made a little script for Nullsoft install to add the number than most people wouldn't know what was changed on their computer and couldn't hack, change, and copy it.
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    What key is browser info in?

    I didn't think you guys would be a fan of it. LOL. My plan is not to ban users but only allow people in with certain numbers in their USER AGENT. I was planning on giving everyone a unique number to track him them by. For example, pipdipchip will add 5236345234 to his user agent. I would...
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    What key is browser info in?

    I wasn't real sure what forum to put this in but I think this will work. First I'll say what I'm trying to do and then you can help me with the Windows part of it. I want to filter out people that visit a certain portion of my web site. That way I have a little control over who visits. Down...
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    Router vs. Firewalls

    I use a router and have used Firewalls in the past but I find they just get annoying and I'm not really sure they add enough to justify the resources and such. I think you may be able to enchance your router's firewall through third-party firmware like on the Linksys WRT54G (my router). Not...
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    1280x1024 makes no sense to me

    I'm not expert at screens but I think you're thinking of that res as if it were a TV image. Of course, on TV the res is already set and if you change it, it may look funny. On a computer however, you don't have to move a certain object bigger and just add to it. For example, thing of your...
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    Right click menu

    For things in menus other than IE as well as other annoying ads or whatever I just search the registry for that text. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Be careful though. Look at what key your deleting of course.