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  1. epk

    .: NvNews / OSNN / SP Folding Thread :.

    Hey, are the sigs not getting updated anymore? saw on my last post that my avg is zero, but I've been back to folding (and on the team) for a couple of weeks now :s
  2. epk

    News Rage Pre-order Bonuses & New Trailer

    I wonder if those will be available in multiplayer too
  3. epk

    News Official WHQL NVIDIA 270.61 Display Driver

    Thanks for the heads up, quicker than Guru3D :D haven't used betas so it's quite a bump for me.
  4. epk

    Ugh... semi new build woes

    Ohh, I see! Well, good luck then =]
  5. epk

    Ugh... semi new build woes

    I'm glad you could sort it out ! weird that it took so long for it to pop an error, but at least ram is cheap these days ;) hehe
  6. epk

    Question about how SSD Drives

    Most SSDs are either SATA or PCI Express. Also, yeah... 100MB isnt that much, especially since intel ones are usually great performing :o
  7. epk

    Ugh... semi new build woes

    Maybe the modo is screwed up? any chance of trying a different one?
  8. epk

    News Internet Explorer 9 RC

    IE9 RC is pretty good ^^ fast, good compatibility. I don't think I'll switch Firefox, but it is good :]
  9. epk

    Craigslist Find

    Yeah, nice find!
  10. epk

    Creative Support?

    Yea, creative support sucks. They barely even care about new products!
  11. epk

    Happy birthday lawman82!!!

    happy birthday :D
  12. epk

    New Website - Any Opinions?

    Looks good so far, clean and modern :) and works fine on firefox 4 beta, if that's of any use :D
  13. epk

    News iTunes 10 is Here - Goodbye CD Logo, Hello Ping!

    Actually it asks for an iTunes account or an AOL one ^^ maybe the spammers are using that one? hehe... orr, maybe they added this req after the whole spam thing. Agree the name sucks tho xD
  14. epk

    News iTunes 10 is Here - Goodbye CD Logo, Hello Ping!

    Looks good, and works pretty fast ^^ Haven't tried Ping cos I don't have an iTunes account yet
  15. epk

    New computer build - PSU question

    Mm.. the Pixxo's only got 3 reviews on newegg. Seems to be good, but also cheapish. I would just stay with the 550w one, and if it dies, get a better one then.
  16. epk

    New computer build - PSU question

    PSU calculator recommends a 450 one, so that Antec one will be too tight. Your 550w should be enough, even if it's a cheap one. If you wanna get a new one, it doesn't have to be extremely powerful unless you plan to use it for your next computer, or add another graphics card. Better go for a...
  17. epk

    News 64GB Solid State Drive the Size of a Postage Stamp

    Nice! SSDs will probably be a lot bigger soon, which is their biggest drawback (and price, but it's kinda related to that).
  18. epk

    Flash or Silverlight?

    They seem the same to me. We'd have to see if Silverlight is still light on resources a few years from now ^^
  19. epk

    May 2010 Dektop Screenshots

    I think it may look pretty good like that ^^ Oh, also... Little lagged, but I like that wallpaper ^^ looks like the italian flag :] (and Pink Floyd does rock !)
  20. epk

    May 2010 Dektop Screenshots

    it does look a bit too xp for my taste aswell. can you have it with the big taskbar?