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  1. Kush

    Greatest Pizza Twirler

    thats from canada, pizza pizza hehe
  2. Kush

    Abu Dahbi Government invests $662 million in Amd

    does this mean its ganna be another time where the best cpu's and gpus change from intel and nvidia to ati and amd lol
  3. Kush

    How to use a pad xml File?

    Hey guys, i have become a mirror for spybot recently and i wanted to have a download page for spybot since im only listed in the program as of now, so the spybot team told me that to update the file name automatically on my download page i have to use their pad xml file, in my html or something...
  4. Kush

    Sandisk Cruzer Micro 4GB

    i havent tried u3 but its suppose to be good, there is a freeware version of u3 that should work on every usb ( i tiried it and it works but it didnt auto lauch when i inserted it)
  5. Kush

    iPhone Browser Exploit

    umm the 1.1.1 has been hacked and you can now downgrade the baseband (modem firmware which is the phone part) to the 1.0.2 version and it works again, i did 4 phones already i wont post how to do it here though.
  6. Kush


    after he started working out with me :p
  7. Kush

    iPhone Browser Exploit

    no i meant iPhone when they first cracked it started 3rd party apps and that whole thing
  8. Kush

    powerbook g4 not booting from dvd

    im thinking of just booting from an ipod,
  9. Kush

    powerbook g4 not booting from dvd

    yeah i have the ppc one, and its retail i think. i think theres something wrong with is drive?
  10. Kush

    powerbook g4 not booting from dvd

    hey guys my friends powerbook g4 (1ghz) will not boot from dvd i have an os x 10.4 disc inside and go to startup disk and tell it to boot from it, doesnt work just boots from the hdd. i also tried holding option on the boot, also hold c on the boot, nothing! well when i hold c it gives me a...
  11. Kush

    iPhone Browser Exploit

    well looks like we will have 1.1.1 cracked soon! same exploit as the psp, pretty crazy huh? i had actually thought of how they used the tiff exploit on the psp when they first cracked the iPhone and now they are going to use it on the iPhone for the new software LOL:laugh:
  12. Kush

    Which LCD 1080p TV?

    umm btw just to let you guys know, some sony screens are manufactured by samsung! lol
  13. Kush

    Which LCD 1080p TV?

    neither go for a sharp, it better than both, (even though i didnt even look at the specs of the ones you are talking about, but thats because the sharp is the best one) and its much cheaper, i advised many of my friends to get the 42 inch sharp lcd, i now have 4 friends with this tv, no...
  14. Kush

    500Gb Hard Drives

    the 137 gb thing was a bios thing if im not mistaken
  15. Kush

    Nero 8 Now Available for Purchase/Download

    umm kinda scary but that screenshot on the page reminds me of norton very much of a turn off electronically speaking
  16. Kush

    I am Engaged!

    cool congrats man!
  17. Kush

    The Fishboy thread

    Tanks for the warm welcomes (yes tanks not thanks from the office)
  18. Kush

    The Fishboy thread

    waves back thanks!
  19. Kush

    Neowin Broken

    maybe theres problems with your backbone?
  20. Kush

    Neowin Broken

    working for me.