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  1. lancer

    has OSNN been abandoned?

    Does seem like anyone posts anything anymore, kind of depressing?
  2. lancer

    I've been demoted

    so late to this post... but why were you demoted and hi all.
  3. lancer

    Consulting pay

    So this might sound like a weird and personal question. But how much should one charge for general IT contracting work. Currently I charge $35 p/h for remote work like phones/telnet/teamviewer etc... $50 p/h for in office work $75 p/h for overnight work. Does this seem fair, too...
  4. lancer

    vlan or subnetting

    So I have set on the RTN66U router using the DD-WRT firmware. Any other help on vlans would be much appreciated.
  5. lancer

    vlan or subnetting

    Hi guys long time. So basically I need a segment a network, never done it before. I know I can create a physical Y shaped network with 3 routers, but that seems to silly, surely I can do this with just one router and a smart/managed switch. One side will have credit card info. The other side...
  6. lancer

    New Computer build crashes on boot

    So I just built the machine below, everything went great, win7 n installed fine, did all drivers from intel, installed some of their programs from the mobo install disk, then i did windows updates and walked away. I came back 30 mins later and the machine is just sitting at the "windows did not...
  7. lancer

    long time

    thanks dream hopefully i'll stay awhile this time
  8. lancer

    long time

    ... super long time since i was last on... hope everyone is doing well.
  9. lancer

    PS3 Blu-ray drive broken....

    Hey Van, funny story, i was planning on fixing ps3's on the side so i bought a lot of 10 blu-ray ps3 lasers kids, shame i didn't here about this before, would have sent you one for free.
  10. lancer

    Has Windows 7 killed this site?

    what happened to XPerience?
  11. lancer

    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    finished playing uncharted 2, easily one of the best games i've ever played, the cut scenes are flawless and the character depth and interaction is like a Michael Mann movie. 11/10 easily.
  12. lancer

    Has Windows 7 killed this site?

    Dont know about anyone else, but i am just so freaking busy. I'm gonna try and post some more when i can... i suck..
  13. lancer

    PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

    Ah Reviving old threads... Just started to play Uncharted 2, what a great game that is, it even push Metal Gear Solid 4 to the back of the queue for now.
  14. lancer

    PS3 Blu-ray drive broken....

    Any further news on this van?
  15. lancer

    ATI Mobility 9400m or HD4650

    Which is better, i know i should know but i really have no idea when it comes to mobile graphics cards. And which desktop card would either be comparable to? Does anyone have either one of these? - SONY VAIO FW Series VGN-FW590FWB NoteBook Intel Core 2 Duo T9600(2.80GHz)...
  16. lancer

    Its been 7 years...

    long time.... also been a long time since i was on the boards, this year has been crazy hectic moving to another state...
  17. lancer

    Random Shut Down

    its clearly not a software issue at all, as you formatted the drive. I would suspect the memory is faulty of the psu. If she has multiple sticks of memory, take one out and leave it on until it reboots or not, depending on how long you usually have until it auto-reboots, next try the next...
  18. lancer

    help with cooling Intel Core2 Extreme Processor QX6700 SL9UL

    liquid is completely ott, i just got an aftermarket fan, i think i got a thermaltake of something like that. the stock intel fan is terrible.
  19. lancer

    Replace DVD drive for Mac Pro (intel)

    Ok i have a intel mac pro and need to replace the piece of **** "superdrive" what drives are compatible with os x and which is the very best, dont care how expensive it is. just dont want blu-ray.
  20. lancer

    WME wont work in Windows 7

    Anyone know how to make it work or if its going to be supported? Windows Media Encoder that is.