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    uninstall Increditmail - need help please

    Hi CindiM If you go to MS site and do a search for uninstall. They have a file there that is better than the the one that comes with windows. I can't remember the name as the file was on a drive where the platters fried and I lost 175 gb of data/downloads. ejm
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    Systemworks wouldn't fully install, now won't uninstall

    Hi m8 Symantec has a program that will remove all of the program. What happens when you uninstall NS is that it still leaves part of it self on your computer, and when you go to re-install it again it could fu*k up on you. It happen to me 5 times, but after I used the program, it installed...
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    Running 2 firewalls with SP2

    Hi m8 I'm running nortons and ISS, and have no problems at all. ejm
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    Sharing from 98SE to XP, problem

    Hi m8 If you are using firewalls, make sure that the ip address is allowed, otherwise you will get the same problem. ejm
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    What size is your HD?

    3 x 120 gb 1st one has 3 partitions: win98se winxphome datastorage 2nd has 2 partitions: both used for storage 3rd one is network storage ftp mail server etc. haven't decided yet if I want 1 or 2 partitions. ejm
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    Norton Antivirus 2003 is giving me trouble!!!

    Hi m8 If you had gone onto symantec's knowledge base You could have saved your self a re-format. What happens is that your registry retains some of symantec's program info, so when you install live update all it sees is live update and will only update that one. Another thing is to save the...
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    Norton Antivirus 2003 is giving me trouble!!!

    Hi m8 If I was you I would run live update first, as I just went through all that bulls**t my self and I ended up re-installing from an image file. Symantec has just releast a patch for their live update 2.** program. It fixed my problem, and might be able to fix yours. I spent nearly 2 weeks...
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    Format for DVD (DirectCD?)

    Hi m8 I use ver. 6 and have no problems with my Sony DVD burner with rw disks. If you download the patches, You MUST do the engine first otherwise you will have problems. ejm
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    Where do you live

    South Australia Down under
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    i got a problem

    Hi CenTrixX Just because the stick of ram is new doesn't mean it is ok. A few years ago I bought more ram for my computer and had problems with it. I was told to remove sticks and put one in at a time. It turned out to be a faulty stick that I bought. If I remember right The computer wouldn't...
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    uh oh do i need to reformat?

    Hi prodj88 I have to agree with the others, re-format and start again. My recomendation is buy firewall and antivirus program for your computer, check weekly for new updates scan drives weekly for viruses. I have had both now for at least 10 years and have copped only 3 viruses through...
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    i got a problem

    Hi Leevoy Love the beer (yeast basted). The elefant beer is just over 12% alcohol and wovvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv it tasts great. ejm
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    Windows 98 disaster

    Hi m8 Just searched my win98se drive, it has all the latest updates on it, but as far as I'm conserned it has nothing to do with windows as it doesn't exsist on my drive. So your problem seems to be in your registry. Use norton systemworks to fix registry. If problem is still there find the...
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    SB Live Value not recognized

    If it is unable to find your soundcard, try putting it in a different PCI slot. If it can't find card after changing PCI slots, than I think you bought a lemon. To do what I said in previous post, is trial and error. Before I had asus pen4 1.6ghz m/b and it all installed perfectly. then I...
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    SB Live Value not recognized

    Hi m8 I have sbl OEM too, and have never had a problem with it at all. First make sure that it is not conflicting with other hardware and that the irq you are using is ok. Sometimes it will not show, so force the bios to reserve the pci slot otherwise you won't be able to change the irq...
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    i got a problem

    I must admit that this was the best laugh I've had in weeks. "Do computers have strong trade unions in Denmark?" I used to live in Denmark about 35 years ago and they have strong trade unions, however I don't know about computers. Skål du gamle, hag en carlsberg elefant på mig. I apoligize...
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    My very first application.... who wants to test?

    Hi Lukas Nice little program, thought I would give it a whirl. I run xp home on main computer and win98se on two other computers. I ran the program, and all it would shut down was the main computer not the ones running win98se. ejm
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    Sblaster5.1 driver problem

    Hi m8 It sounds like you have a IRQ conflict that doesen't show in device manager. Another thing it could be is a hardware conflict. I had that when I changed my mother board. ejm
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    Lost PCI BUS driver (have I really?)

    Forgot to say that if you still are using the old win98 and haven't re-installed it, go to the device manager and re-install from there. If win98 can't find them, then say you have the disk and when it searches it comes up with a window saying "can't find so and so file" click button on right to...
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    Lost PCI BUS driver (have I really?)

    Hi MainframeGuy Usually the drivers are executed or selected when you run the setup program on the cd. ejm