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    How Did You Get Your User Name?

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    Spanish Members?

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    Member Pics

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    Project Gotham Racing 2

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    The Person Above Me

    The person above me has an ambiguously dirty name
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    Worms 3D Released!

    its harder than 2. i like the 2dness of the first 5. the 3d part makes it too hard to aim
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    Mitsubishi Dealership Screws eBay Bidder EVERY single forum is getting in on this. Just thought I'd share the love.
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    cell phone exploded! wha wha what!?

    this one time, when i was like in the 5th grade. a garbage truck exploded (or, well, there was an explosion in the garbage holding part of the truck) b/c there was like paint, and like fertilizer (some crazy combo like that). yeah. it was awesome.
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    exporting emails

    i want to keep my old emails (I'm about to reformat). but when i do export in outlook it gives me an error and says that it couldn't initliaze MAPI and so it won't do it. how can i get rid of the error/save my emails?
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    Getting a new laptop

    as you can see above, i'm thinking of getting a laptop, specifically a toshiba tecra s-1. as far as in terms of quality, is the toshiba a good choice, and is the 1.7ghz pentium m going to be comparable to a 2.5ghz pentium 4-M? also, the s1 only has 32MB of videocard memory. the plan is to...
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    May Desktop Screenshot

    vs - milk redux winamp - milk wall - PM me
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    Check out these games.

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    Check out these games.

    anyone have the *.swf file for that game? because the site that is hosting it is down, and that was a really great game.
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    Check out these games.

    22110 lvl7
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    What game changed it all?

    um, hello? Oregon Trail? there's nothing better than going hunting, killing like 900lbs of food, even though you can only take 100 of it with you, or timmy dies from TB, or fording the river and losing 2 wheels. that game was the sh*t.
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    frame.htm help

    here's all the *.htm files - but wait!! i got it to work! so i guess you don't really need to look them over if you don't want to.
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    frame.htm help

    nope that just makes the nav bar on the right, when i want it on the left
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    frame.htm help

    so i have this code to have frames on my site: <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE></TITLE> </HEAD> <FRAMESET COLS="15%,*" FRAMEBORDER=NO> <FRAME SRC="navbar.htm"> <FRAME SRC="main.htm" NAME=DISPLAY> </FRAMESET> <NOFRAMES>Noframes content... </NOFRAMES> </HTML> not really knowing much about html, i...
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    Download Accelerator

    do those really work?
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    March Desktops Captures - Post Them Here

    yes, i did it w/ samurize. here's the script. it should have everything you need