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  1. Grandmaster

    Good to see you're still alive :p

    Good to see you're still alive :p
  2. Grandmaster

    Fixed,, ..... then and now

    Now you be REALLY old :D Congrats, sir? :p hahaha.
  3. Grandmaster

    The fastest SATA hard drive ever!

    Yes... but does it blend?
  4. Grandmaster

    Happy Birthday Jewelzz

    WOOO! happy birthday!!!
  5. Grandmaster

    Happy Birthday zeke_mo & Grandmaster!!!

    WOOO! Thanks everyone. :) Going to Miyake's in Palo Alto for some sushi and other indulgences. :D And Happy Birthday zeke ;)
  6. Grandmaster

    Portfolio website

    Well in that case... leave it as it is :p
  7. Grandmaster

    Portfolio website

    Yah, that's my concern too.
  8. Grandmaster

    Happy birthday tdinc!

    Happy birthday paul!
  9. Grandmaster

    Saturday I will be married

    Congratulations and enjoy :D
  10. Grandmaster

    Congratulations Xie

  11. Grandmaster

    October 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    As per popular demand, link to the wall:
  12. Grandmaster

    Get rich quick scheme.

    Looks like I'm going to McDonald's soon. Heh :p
  13. Grandmaster

    My wife

    I'm glad to read that things are getting better for you man. :D
  14. Grandmaster

    USB 3.0 Spec now official.

    That's what I was thinking.
  15. Grandmaster

    If you where unexpectedly given $20k, what would you do?

    ^ Yeah, I didn't. Oops :p I guess Northern Africa would be cool (Egypt, Morocco, etc).
  16. Grandmaster

    If you where unexpectedly given $20k, what would you do?

    Use it for a long ass world trip through: South America, Europe (West to East), Tibet, China, Japan, Australia.
  17. Grandmaster

    [Movie Review] Max Payne

    :| Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist then.
  18. Grandmaster

    Happy Birthday Madmatt

    MATT______! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! :D (yeah, I know I'm super late. Don't get on here much these days :| )