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  1. VenomXt

    Odd feeling being back here,

    Just cleaning up some data mining stuff. If anyone from the past sees this, hope life is good.
  2. VenomXt

    Is this Dead?

    Is this Dead?
  3. VenomXt

    I've been demoted

    passing by.... interested,
  4. VenomXt


    mmmm spam... :)
  5. VenomXt


    Little late but wanted say Hi as well!
  6. VenomXt

    Happy Birthday EP

    Happy Birthday! :) Utorrent
  7. VenomXt

    my ten year aniversary

    Congrats, and now I feel old :)
  8. VenomXt

    Hey all

  9. VenomXt


    I'm alive just older and fatter (blame the wife on both)
  10. VenomXt

    Hey all

    I pop in here or there just wanted to see how things are going. Site seems to have slowed down just a tad but i am looking forward to some Windows 8 stuff coming up (Hope it is) -Venom
  11. VenomXt

    my ten year aniversary

    Snap, i stumble in every half year or so now. we are all getting older but damn glad this site is still here.
  12. VenomXt

    Happy Birthday ElectronicPunk

    Happy Birthday!
  13. VenomXt


    Came her for Solid State Drive Advice left with a German Shepard Puppy.
  14. VenomXt

    New Gmail Look

    I took the beta look awhile back so I guess I got used to it before it was the "new look" Works well enough I just don't like the fact that i have to click on google to get a list of the other services to navigate to now.
  15. VenomXt

    Happy Birthday Perris!

    Happy birthday!
  16. VenomXt


    Any one else have one? I just got it and very very impressed.
  17. VenomXt


    I still remember that crash... man.. It is Tosh.O worthy.. lol
  18. VenomXt

    The Really Long Thread

    Man my sig is old lol
  19. VenomXt

    The Really Long Thread

    The really long thread makes me feel old lol. Hope things are going well in the world of OSNN. :)
  20. VenomXt

    Need a new Rig and advice

    I have the main plug going to it and then I have the 6pin plug. Are there more?