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  1. ShepsCrook

    Tablet Options

    I have 3 Nexus 7's in the house and everyone loves them. The Nexus 10 I'm sure is pretty slick ad a great tablet overall.
  2. ShepsCrook

    BSOD now won't even post

    Typically they are dirt cheap obviously, and are good to have around as they are also very common in car remotes also.
  3. ShepsCrook

    nlite for Windows 7?

    Awesome, I was looking for something like this recently.
  4. ShepsCrook

    Hey all

    Venom, you can't still be rocking an old AMD 3500+ system are you?... Your sig needs some updating.
  5. ShepsCrook

    Control laptop fan speed

    I'll have to give speedfan 4.44 a whirl on my setup.
  6. ShepsCrook

    Maybe Im blind...

    Green Room isn't bad. :) Oh wait, you kinda already did that. lol
  7. ShepsCrook

    Office 2010 Beta available on MSDN/Technet

    Well, looks like I'll be testing it a little when I get a chance.
  8. ShepsCrook

    Asus G2S-A1 Laptop Windows 7 64bit Drivers

    I'm still trying to get everything recognized properly in Windows 7 64bit. The Bluetooth, ICH8M LPC, and LCD are not recognized and I cannot find any fix that works. I've tried quite a few different methods for drivers but nothing yet. Aside from that, most major hardware works fine...
  9. ShepsCrook

    New OSNN theme / site launched

    I'm diggin the new site... not sure about the logo font and the clouds... but change is good.
  10. ShepsCrook

    Done with trillian?

    I use Trillian Astra and like it. I've been paying for Trillian for years.
  11. ShepsCrook

    Hi! Billy Mays not here anymore!

    Billy Mays died on Sunday Morning at age 50. He was always seen as an annoying shouting voice of Oxi Clean but he had helped so many people invent, and market their products. A good man, loving husband and father. We'll miss you Billy.
  12. ShepsCrook

    michael jackson, the real story

    Personally, I wasn't a huge fan. His music and performance were great, but his personal life wasn't on par with his career.
  13. ShepsCrook

    Weird freezing/start up problem

    Have you tried disconnecting the DVD drive to test it without one in. Maybe there's a short in the drive that may be causing it to act this way.
  14. ShepsCrook

    Magic Wand Use

  15. ShepsCrook

    recording streams?

    I like ReplayMusic for recording my streaming music. They also produce a couple other pieces of software that record video stream like flash videos from Youtube, etc.
  16. ShepsCrook

    Magic Wand Use

    No buttons need to be pressed, you just go over and select the layer to change layers.
  17. ShepsCrook


    I haven't had an issue in the 7 months I've had mine. I like it but I barely use it.
  18. ShepsCrook

    Magic Wand Use

    Well, he selected the magic wand tool, then selected the layer that is the front of the folder. (He actually selected the empty space outside of the front of the folder). Then he selected the leaf layer that he dragged in and deleted what had been selected by the wand tool from the other...
  19. ShepsCrook

    Can Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended do same things as Photoshop Elements?

    I was going to say... It was a little random.
  20. ShepsCrook

    2 Internet Connections

    Seem I do all of the above as well. Steam = Games Battlefield Heroes Ultima Online x2 to 3 accounts on at once. Newsgroups Surfing 4-5 systems on 100% of the time Now of course, the Newsgroups use the most bandwidth. I download at most 1mb as a high. Average around 700-800kb. So I typically...