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  1. Dark Atheist

    News Windows 8 Pro costs $40 if you're running XP, Vista, or 7

    :source: Source: msnbc Probably doing it, as they know its going to stink like Vista did :rolleyes:
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    News European trade committee votes to reject piracy treaty

    :source: Source: Suppose they aren't all useless then :p
  3. Dark Atheist

    News Acta: Piracy treaty dealt crucial blows in EU votes

    :source: Source:
  4. Dark Atheist

    News Quick fix for Hotmail password bug

    Was bound to happen..... :source: Source:
  5. Dark Atheist

    News Xfce 4.10 released

    Xfce is a lightweight desktop environment for UNIX-like operating systems. It aims to be fast and low on system resources, while still being visually appealing and user friendly. I use this on my Linux machines and its a great little DE (Desktop Environment) :source: Source:
  6. Dark Atheist

    News Apple releases Flashback fix

    well everytime i click on photoshop it tells me i need java, and after some digging on the adobe site this would seem why FAQ | Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 Lets hope CS6 doesn't require this
  7. Dark Atheist

    News Apple releases Flashback fix

    Yes - with lion, seems silly to have to install Java just to use an Adobe product, did it with dreamweaver also
  8. Dark Atheist

    News House of Representatives OKs CISPA

    This won't end well........ :source: Source: msnbc
  9. Dark Atheist

    looking for a lightweight program to edit mkv files?

    mkvtoolnix - should do what you want, and as for video splitters you could give LAV Filters a try, based on ffmpeg, plays near enough everything
  10. Dark Atheist

    News Apple releases Flashback fix

    For some strange reason, when I tried to install Photoshop CS5 on my Mac, it moaned at me that it needed java in order to run it, because of a few other application issues I have gone back to 10.6.8
  11. Dark Atheist

    Gentoo Install Howto

    This little howto will show you how to setup and compile a minimal Gentoo install - all of this information was found from various sites on the net, and a lot was taken from the gentoo handbook. Place the disc in the drive and press enter when prompted, when you get to the root prompt type...
  12. Dark Atheist

    News Netflix’s CEO compensation increase by 68%

    :source: Source: thenextweb Nice work if you can get it :)
  13. Dark Atheist

    News FBI: Hundreds Of Thousands May Lose Internet In July

    :source: Source: huffingtonpost Will be fun to see what happens with this
  14. Dark Atheist

    News Apple releases Flashback fix

    Features dear boy, they are known as features :laugh: - but yes people have been saying that for a while, Although in Apple's defence they have always said that Mac's can't be harmed by a PC virus, a play on word's I know, all OS's can be infected, Windows/Linux/Unix
  15. Dark Atheist

    MPCHC Blu-ray Issues

    try ripping it to hard drive, I normally use eac3to to do that, then play the file from there, see if it still does it or try it from the playlist, my thinking is that maybe the m2ts doesn't have the information in it to point to the English track, and the playlist might, if ripping it to the...
  16. Dark Atheist

    MPCHC Blu-ray Issues

    i would try some other dics, if more do the same thing i would say its a config issue somewhere, only other thing i can think of is to get latest nvidia/ati/intel drivers, and grab the latest stable version of MPC-HC
  17. Dark Atheist

    MPCHC Blu-ray Issues

    yes just copy the files into the same folder, overwrite the files that are there, and your good to go :)
  18. Dark Atheist

    MPCHC Blu-ray Issues

    I would say give that one a try, it's the one I had to use to view a few of the newer blurays i have bought recently. If that doesn't help I would suggest posting on doom9 or avs fourms
  19. Dark Atheist

    MPCHC Blu-ray Issues

    LAV Filters 0.50.1 (released 2012/03/29) madVR v0.82.5 (released 2012/04/01) If you have those versions the only other thing I can think of is to try the newest beta version of AnyDVDHD - - is this the old version or the newer version they brought out? I have been reading that the new...