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  1. paNix3d

    need help with internet browsers-wierd problem.

    also programs fail and will not close, even if i end task- thought i would throw that in.
  2. paNix3d

    need help with internet browsers-wierd problem.

    heres my hijack this _________________ Logfile of Trend Micro HijackThis v2.0.2 Scan saved at 2:50:51 AM, on 12/8/2008 Platform: Windows Vista SP1 (WinNT 6.00.1905) MSIE: Internet Explorer v8.00 (8.00.6001.18241) Boot mode: Normal Running processes: C:\Windows\system32\Dwm.exe...
  3. paNix3d

    need help with internet browsers-wierd problem.

    ok guys, i havent had a problem in a long time, but now i cant seem to put my finger on this one. i keep having to restart my computer about every hour or so because after around that amount of time, both of my internet browsers stop working?!?!? my internet connection is still active, my...
  4. paNix3d

    Did You Unlock Your iPhone? Bad News For You Then

    dang that one ring tone twice just made apple a lot richer.... thats alot of ring tones
  5. paNix3d


    hehe how do you beat the first big daddy
  6. paNix3d

    do not buy tomtom gps... period

    aww but the commercial is so brainwashing
  7. paNix3d

    Vista Defrag is annoying, can I make it disappear?

    ya, but vista defrag has been completly rewritten and it really works well, and it really dosent take up your cpu
  8. paNix3d

    gaming in vista

    hehe, it seems that there is just no way around it, Vista at the moment just isnt ment for hardcore gamers, whos to say that it wont, but vista is still new. If you have a computer that you just want to game on, use xp, and thats perty much the bottom line. because even if the game works on...
  9. paNix3d

    #osnn IRC channel (

    Re: Irc hehe wat umean
  10. paNix3d

    #osnn IRC channel (

    Re: Irc thank you :D im already there :)
  11. paNix3d

    I have $1500 dollars

    well thats great then for me anyways
  12. paNix3d

    #osnn IRC channel (

    Irc is there a server/channel for osnn?
  13. paNix3d

    I have $1500 dollars

    thanks guys, i just got back home scince i posted this, im going to research into this and let you know how it goes. ideally im probably not going to make a decision until august, but we'll see how it goes, again thanks! (commence the research :D)
  14. paNix3d

    Microsoft: Every 360 has a design flaw that could lead to failure

    hehe at least its not like apple's iphone whos going to have a fee for every bit of replacing the iphones battery microsoft -1 apple - 0
  15. paNix3d

    Official Nvidia video driver BETA XP 32 & 64 bit

    my graphics card is onboard, i tried downloading the drivers and they dont work, is there beta versions for onboard cards?
  16. paNix3d

    I have $1500 dollars

    And im looking in to spending it on a hardcore computer, i would like to have virtually no problems with anything gaming wise. with that amount of money, could you guys plz throw out some ideas :) Desktops only plz
  17. paNix3d

    finally caved, got me some vista

    i cant seem to find my aero theme, i thought it was there and i thought i was using it, but now im not, any ideas?
  18. paNix3d

    defcon help

    Recommended: Windows 98/ME/2000/XP, P3-600-Geforce 2, 128 Mb RAM, 60 Mb Hard Disk, Internet connection for multiplayer game with my pc stats shows below should i be able to play this game smoothly, because when i tried playing it earlier it was so jumpy i couldnt play or do anything...
  19. paNix3d

    July 2007 Desktop Screenshots sorry about that. hehe yes but let me tell, you i have like OCD desktop lol if i see a messy desktop i just have to clean it out.
  20. paNix3d

    Download Question

    thanks :)