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    The Really Long Thread

    in other news....just how many people have donated to your fund vetrius?
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    My Mix (1st Attempt)

    I nearly didn't download it. Then I saw Motorcycle. 62kb/s and 26 mins, I'll get back to you ;)
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    Halo 2 3D screenshot

    The graphics are fairly similar. From what I can see the general feel has been continued from 1-2, but in the high res multiplayer video I downloaded it becomes clear that despite the graphics LOOKING the same, the detail is much clearer. The models used in game are of a higher quality and the...
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    A genuinely general thread about bills

    Hello everyone <bows> I have a question. My electricity bill has just come through, and its a fookin whopper. We (as in myself and 2 housemates) now owe ~£169 for the period february - april this year. Is that a lot? This being our first year managing our own bills, I don't know whether...
  5. G Hacked and Defaced

    bleh. I hate hacks where people just put their name on something in spazz form. Less harmful than an aggressive attack though I suppose, and probably what I would go given the necessary tools and knowledge (and possibly inclination :rolleyes: )
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    May Desktop Screen Shots ...

    Bleh...I spend a million years looking for a sexeh simple desktop scheme and hsn finds it before I do... This means WAR!!! ;) Seriously, hella nice desktop there my man
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    Ebay - Xbox Box - Funny

    BWAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHA To quote the great Ace Venture: Pet Detective; LOOOOO....HOOO...SER
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    Jewelzz thread

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    Funniest Net movie clip I've seen...

    LOL Man someone else mentioned ole Fred to me a couple of days back... Maybe dreamliner77 is actually my mate Ash Skears....Or maybe not :p I think the first half of that .wmv is fkin gets a bit samey towards the end. my current MSN nick is "Graebob [netsplit....this is...
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    Jewelzz thread

    So says the judge **this may make no sense, I am alcohol poisoned BTW I don't know Jewelzz too well, but last time I saw her on IRC she corrected my spelling and told me I was mistreating my girlfriend :p
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    Mac Vs. Pc

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    Bootable memory stick

    But I thought you were trying to get rid of the floppy? Why not just make a bootable CD? :D
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    Jewelzz thread

    Picotto :D:D remember the beats...
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    Windows RG

    hehe I could play for hours! Wish I knew what the password to get into the Windows folder was though :rolleyes:
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    I had Gauntlet II on my old Atari ST "Red Wizard need food badly" "Blue warrior is about to die!" Talk about a misspent youth :rolleyes:
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    Bored at work

    :D My home when I'm not at uni.
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    NvNews + OSNN + SP Folding Team

    Joined :D
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    Get a Mac!

    Or is he????
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    Stupid Windows...

    Probably something in the service pack thats causing the conflict with pop-up stopper. After all, I doubt pop up stopper was designed to work under sp2! Turn it off. SP2's version of IE has popup blocking enabled anyway as far as I know.