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    vmware server install onto linux server

    Re: vmware server install onto debian server I have installed VMWare server on Ubuntu server several times. Mostly due to ESXi not supporting the hardware that I was wanting to install the vmware server software onto. The install is simple and runs just as well as ESXi server on comparable...
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    m0n0wall, WRT54G, and a headache

    This is actually the exact same thing that I am running. M0n0wall as my main router and a wrt54g with dd-wrt firmware as my access point (NOT a router). My question is from the wrt54g, what port are you using to connect to the switch, the WAN port or one of the other 4 LAN ports? My suggestion...
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    Free sync util required

    SyncBack, but make sure you download the freeware version. SE an Pro are 30 day trials.
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    Firefox 3 Don't Look Right

    Maybe change the theme to the default. Mine looks fine.
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    Free Password Manager

    Well, it looks like I am sticking with KeePass for now. Thanks all for the input.
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    Free Password Manager

    I haven't used any of them yet but I guess I will try KeePass first.
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    Free Password Manager

    I am looking for a free password manager. I seam to have the knack for remembering passwords, the wife doesn't. I have never used an password manager so I am relying on the reviews of everyone else. Just wondering of anyone here uses one, what they use, and their opinion. So far I have found...
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    setting up a NAS???

    The NAS boxes that I have set up have been running Ubuntu server (6.06.2 LTS) with samba server and administered using webmin. I tried FreeNAS but it lacked a lot of the customization that I can do with a full linux os installed, such as using the machine for more than just a NAS.
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    Vista SP1 is HERE

    Downloaded it. Burnt it to CD. Installed in on two machines already. FYI before you start, it does say that the installation could take an hour or more. One machine took and hour and a half and another took and hour and 15 minutes. Best thing to do is start the installation and walk away.
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    Depending on what is needed, here are the three that I have used: (all free) 1. ZipGenius 2. IZArc 3. 7zip
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    SCP to win????

    Yes, there is a way to automate it but it would be using secure keys, not passwords and would still require a ssh server on the Windows machine. On the linux machine you want to run "ssh-keygen -t rsa". This generates two files, id_rsa and You will need to copy the content of...
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    Need router recommendation

    I recommend M0n0wall or pfSense (depending on your needs). Both are free to download and can be installed on a standard PC using a hard drive or a compact flash card. If you want something that is a little more compact you can also purchase dedicated hardware to install it on. They do support...
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    SCP to win????

    If you want to send a file from Linux machine to a Windows machine with SCP there has to be a SSH server on the windows box since that is what protocol SCP uses. Install CopSSH on your Windows box which is a ssh server for windows. Make sure to open TPC port 22 through your windows firewall.
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    Powertoys for Vista

    Give these a try. I use them regularly with no issues on Vista. Pic Resizer VSO Image Resizer Renamer ReNamer Virtual CD/DVD Rom Daemon Tools
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    Need a cheap PC

    Just so you know, you can still get a Dell with XP on it for a cheap price. Click here for one of Dell's deals they have right now. (Comes with XP)
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    Moved onto Another Linux Desktop

    Here is a good how-to on how to mount share drives on boot with read or read/write access.
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    Turn off automatic update

    Is you computer/account part of an Active Directory domain? If so the policies set by the domain may require you to have automatic updates enabled and that is why the options can not be changed. I agree with EP, you should really leave automatic updates on either way.
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    Dumbest Linux question ever?

    I was in the same boat. I tired several different kinds of Linux to find the one I liked best. The one I settled on was Ubuntu. Ubuntu is based on Debian so many of the commands are the same between the two distos. One of the best things about Ubuntu is the use of apt-get function (or Synaptic...
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    Firefox version typo on frontpage

    Firefox 1.0.7? I think that a 5 is missing somewhere... how about Firefox
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    Help with Ubuntu

    Copy and paste the following to make sure that you install the matching linux-headers to your running kernel version sudo apt-get install linux-headers-$(uname -r)