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    Unlimited broadband

    Tee-hee. How mad is that...i'm now paying £20 for 20meg. Sorry for the ulimate bump! Just looking back at my previous posts and with the first page i was back to 2004!
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    Well, i'm back.

    Hello! Haven't been here for year. Haven't really been part of this place for about three years! But i'm back, having a nose around and seems a lot has changed. Doubt many of you remember the name anyway, but it's nice to be in a familar place! :)
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    BF2141 Open Beta now available Enjoy. :)
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    [UK] F.E.A.R. for a fiver dont say i never think of you guys! :) Hope you're all good.
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    The ULTIMATE keyboard... LCD buttons...all of them. Oh yes.:)
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    Gamecubes £34.99 Limited stock.

    Do it!! :) The system has a ton of quality games.
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    Gamecubes £34.99 Limited stock. I'm a kind soul aren't i?! :) Thought i'd let you UK-based peeps in on it.
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    [Price Check] Jap PSP Value + 2 Games

    Cut my losses? What are you chatting about? Point is, it's not available least until September. But cheers for the reples...
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    [Price Check] Jap PSP Value + 2 Games

    Well, you cant get them at all in the UK. Besides, this is a Jap version..slightly better screen and region 2 as well. £240 is about right to me.
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    [Price Check] Jap PSP Value + 2 Games

    What do you think it would be worth? Games: Wipeout Pure and Lumines. All in mint condition. PSP has no dead pixels etc. I'm thinking £240. Sound ok?
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    Octopus Camouflage Incredible! Thought i would i dont do much else round here these days :) Miss you guys...and gals :( heh
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    I call upon thee!

    Thanks guys...much appreciated. Done as much ++rep for this 24hours..system wont lemme do more :) Thanks again.
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    I call upon thee!

    I'm trying to win a m8 a trip to Euro Disney, and am requesting the help of you good people. Up until yesterday he was winning. No registration is required, just the push of a button. Cast your! :)
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    God of War---PS2

    Reviews are looking VERY good for this.. (sorry for poor formatting) Gamespy 3/22/2005 5 out of 5 100.0% IGN 3/18/2005 9.8 out of 10 98.0% GameSpot 3/21/2005 9.3 out of 10 93.0% Game Informer 4/1/2005 10 out of 10 100.0% Playstation...
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    PSP Browser + other niceness

    Seems as though Wipeout Pure has a super-secret web browser And a guide on how to get E-books on your PSP...
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    PSPs anyone?

    Dont know, never twisted one hard enough to find out. Look in to this before scaremongering (like that word!) really do need to apply a LOT of force to make them come out. It's not a little bit of force from getting excited and perhaps turning the seriously have to wanna...
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    PSPs anyone?

    Ok, have you actually tried one? They aren't thin or all. The cartridge would actually only fly out if the unit was heavily twisted..which is not something the average joe would do. Hardly a design flaw. This thing is incredibly well built and of amazing quality. I've never seen...
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    PSPs anyone?

    Seems to be a distinct lack of threads here on the PSP. Surely i'm not the only one who paid over the odds just to have one early?! :) Love this piece of kit, bought it along with Lumines...incredible game! Picture quality a bit shoddy as the flash wasnt on...hoping to give a better...
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    Riddick > Doom III

    Indeed..Riddick is fantastic. Up there alongside (ok, slightly lower) HL2. Top notch. The hand to hand fighting is brilliant.
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    Not possible is it? Why didnt you think of this before buying a new HD? Or, if your mobo supports it, could you not have got SATA? Dont think you can have more than 2 'things' on any one IDE. Am i i?