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    Server downtime and a small upgrade

    it wasn't that far down the news frontpage and figured it was a good topic to pop in to :P
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    Gaming on external FW800 drive

    Still not tried it yet
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    Gaming on external FW800 drive

    Well I used to run games from an eSATA express card which went through the PCIe bus, so I'd never have got the full bandwidth of the eSATA while playing. I'm going to get a FW800 external caddie next week I think and then install Windows on my new MBP. Still not sure whether to install Vista or...
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    Are You Getting Snow Leopard?

    Full OS for $29, Family Packs (5 installations) $59. Its technically being marketed as an Upgrade only for Leopard users and Tiger users are encouraged to get the Box set which includes iLife '09 and iWork '09 but the upgrade includes the full OS so Tiger users can use it as well. I think the...
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    Gaming on external FW800 drive

    I'm thinking of upgrading my laptop, but the next generation has removed the ExpressCard port that I previously used for an eSATA hard drive to keep my game data on, so I'm wondering if the performance is going to be severely degraded by running the games from a SATA to FireWire 800 caddie...
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    Are You Getting Snow Leopard?

    Torn at the moment between re-doing my current MacBook Pro or just buying a new one with Snow Leopard on it because they're so nice and shiny
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    Vote For Your Favourite Linux OS

    Well... Linux itself isn't an OS but a kernel which is generally bundled with the GNU userland tools to create an OS, that OS is then fiddled and faddled into the various different distributions, hence why I chose FreeBSD even though its not technically a Linux OS ;) </pedantry>
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    vBulletin 3.8.6 upgrade complete

    Re: vBulletin 3.8.3 upgrade complete like-wise, its been nice knowing you all and please be safe :P
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    All in one unarchiver?

    Sometimes use RarMachine or UnRarX for the rare files that The Unarchiver can't handle
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    BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 10s! [php5:3111]

    the only files I can think of that PHP might link/unlink regularly are session files, but an individual script might add more to that. Of course if you've got the ZendOptimizer then I believe that caches the optimised scripts to the file system, at least I'd expect it to. How are you running...
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    BUG: soft lockup - CPU#1 stuck for 10s! [php5:3111]

    Do you know what its trying to do? Looks like it might be trying to unlink a file on an ext3 file system but I'm guessing you've worked that much out already.
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    Why are there still 32 bit OS's?

    Re: Why is there still 32 bit OS's? I'd forgotten about stone-age 16bit apps, that said I'm not saying they couldn't run those on older hardware, if your OS and hardware works theres nothing forcing you to upgrade it to something 64-bit capable. As pointed out 64-bit isn't a speed booster, but...
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    Woooo? I get to join the ranks of the jobless...

    like brightbox or maybe even engineyard (they're US but I know they have a couple of UK employees)?
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    Why are there still 32 bit OS's?

    Re: Why is there still 32 bit OS's? I don't see why dropping 32-bit OS's would step on anyone toes. Provided the 64-bit OS's can still run 32-bit apps there shouldn't be any problem. Maybe it's down to driver manufacturers though, so guess you're right.
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    Woooo? I get to join the ranks of the jobless...

    I know theres a couple of Rails developer jobs going in Liverpool St and E1 if that helps anyone.
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    Who is still around from the old regime?

    who huh what? *goes and climbs under rock again*
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    Happy Birthday SPeedY_B

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    I hate java - Who else here does also?

    You haven't hated Java until you've tried to write a graphical user interface in swing
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    Chrome v/s FF v/s Opera v/s IE8

    Chrome is my default browser on Windows, I don't use anything else if I can avoid it.