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    Limiting bandwidth on a PC

    If you want a freeware option, you can take a look at traffic control monitor from the Windows Server 2003 resource kit tools.
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    Windows Update through Proxy question

    Try to configure it according to the Troubleshooting Windows Update v.5 Authentication Issue article. Also refer to the Getting Windows Update to Work article. We update our domain with scriptlogic's functionality built into desktop authority we use for domain management.
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    Networking Issue : Exhausted knowledge base

    I guess, if both are PRO versions and neither Home, you just need to enable NetBIOS over TCP/IP. 1. Open properties dialog box for your LAN connection; 2. Scroll down to switch to the Internet Protocol entry and double click on it to open its properties dialog box; 3. If you have static IPs...
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    Roaming to Local

    Have you tried just to first edit user profile in active directory and remove path to roaming profile from its properites? Then go to the local box and convert profile from roaming to local. If you need to remove profile path info for multiple users from Active Directory you can try LDIFDE.
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    Windows File Backup, Incremental File too large!

    I guess you can follow slightly different way and backup files as is but still with ability to have incremental backups. We chose Scriptlogic's Secure Copy when we opened new office branch and our backup queue became so big that we started encounter some close problems with backup using...