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    Nuclear Computer Systems

    oh i forget this one : microsoft changes it's domain name to : MICROSOFT.BUG ! ( or microsoft.hole ! ) :cool:
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    Nuclear Computer Systems

    yes ! harder than ever ! no one even think about MS to encounter these days ! :D it's like a non-equivalent War ! but .... you know IE5.0 is all Open-coded now !? it's awfall to see eack day more and dangerous Worm and viruses come along NET ! every kid now can find a hole in IE and...
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    Member Pics

    Really interesting topic ! is there any way to regulate this topic ? it's rarely photos ! and tons of jokes ! or you can just change the name of thread ! heh ?
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    Autopatcher XP

    The link ( refrers to neowin ) doesn't work . it seems very usefull . Tnx .
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    New nVidia Forceware 56.63 Drivers

    it's great ! it has a capability to define various game Video setting .it allows each game to have it's setting saved . each game have a special profile and setting . tray control panel is also enhanced . now it's possible to set the color depth and Screen refresh rate from system tray ...