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    Random Shut Down

    I assume she is running xp, I had same problem and worked for months trying to discover problem. I removed SP3 and have not had any reboots since. Worked for me, good luck
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    download problems

    Tried that, did not make a diiference
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    download problems

    I am using XP Pro, I also have both IE and Firefox. Anytime I download an exe file, the file is corrupt, doesnt matter with either IE of Firefox. I can download the file, save it or run it, as it is extracting, says file is corrupt, down again. Does anyone have any suggestions? It happen this...
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    Computer shutting down randomly.

    I have been experiencing the same thing, I removed sp3 and have not had any reboots since.
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    installer on desk top

    Thanks every one, moveonboot worked like a charm. I swear you are all computer gods.
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    installer on desk top

    Hey all, I haven't ben around lately, but check you out dailey. I downloaded an installer to my desk top named Auto Assault Installer. It won't let me delete it as it says being used by another user or program. I tried renaming it, and it says the same. I try to install it and it says not a...