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    SCSI speed problems

    When you boot what speed are the drives showing when the 29160 bios shows the drives? Open the scsi host utilities hitting Ctrl+A during bios and check the drives. I've never used a passive terminator, always an active terminator and all seven scsi drives run at 160. Also make sure you using the...
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    dual layer dvds

    I don't understand all the BS about DL DVD's. I'm looking at a bunch of my blank Ridata 8.5gb DL and their rated for 240 minutes. DVD Decrypter in iso mode will copy and burn a 4 hour movie!
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    DVD Copy Software?

    The latest and best for ALL the latest movies is "AnyDVD" and "CloneDVD" from Slysoft.
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    Best Dual Layer DVD Burners

    Dual Layer Burner I've been using the Pioneer 108 ($71.00 Newegg) and it works perfect. I've only used Ridata 2.4X DL media sofar. Matrix Revolutions burned perfect!
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    What should I do now ??

    Check your motherboard for a jumper to Reset the bios.
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    Super WinPE

    Yoyo; Sorry but I opened the .iso in IsoBuster, removed entrees to get it below 4.3GB, and IsoBuster remade a new .iso. This .iso burnt to a DVD IS bootable. As far as the file being legal, anyone can make this starting with Bart's PEBuilder and adding what they own for operating systems and...
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    Super WinPE

    Super PE FYI: I don't have the file name anymore since I extracted to my hard drive. I don't have it working as yet. The .iso was 1.3gb, but after I unzipped the entire iso, it was 6.1gb's. I've tried deleting everything I won't use and it still is 4.57gb> too big for a DVD. It has three...
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    Super WinPE

    I have the DVD version of Super WinPE which is 1.3GB. But I don't remember where I got it, and don't know how I could get it to you. I got as an .iso from a friend.
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    adobe photoshop 7 or Adobe CS 8?

    All "CS" versions are limp programs. Stay with 7.01.
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    SCSI Hard Drive Problem

    Another option if you can't put the drive in another scsi machine. Go to this site and download PE-Builder. This will generate a bootable operating system independent of your system and can access all Fat or NTFS partitions.
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    SCSI Hard Drive Problem

    I didn't realize the drive letter was gone. You might try Disk Management and see if the drive is shown. It might be there as "Healthy" and a correct format, but lost the drive letter. I have had this happen many times if I've added a temp USB device. Try right clicking the drive in Disk...
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    SCSI Hard Drive Problem

    I run 9 scsi drives and have never seen this. Have you tried running Windows checkdisk from a command prompt? Also you might try during scsi bios select "Ctrl+A" and run the disk utilities that come with your scsi host card. Is this an 80Pin drive with an adapter, or a normal 68Pin? Make sure...
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    Acrobat Reader update V6.0.2

    No uninstall required. Just install 6.02 update.
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    "Turn off computer" doesn't turn off computer.

    There are three things you should check. In Control Panel>Power Options>Advanced Tab make sure that Advanced Power Management is enabled. Now this tab won't exist if the system was loaded ACPI and not Standard PC. If not there don't worry. Second, in the Registry under...
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    Mbr? Wolf1.8: Will this also work if partition is NTFS?
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    how many hard drives can win xp pro see?

    I'm running 13 Hard Drives on IDE, SCSI, USB, Promise for a total of 947.5GB's and have no problem in XP Pro. Other devices (DVD burners, etc) complete the 26 drive letters allowed. It takes about 7 minutes to boot completely to a working desktop, but I'm retired and have lots of time...
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    Backup/Image Software - Who recommends what?

    Acronis "True Image" is the best that I've found.
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    Going from Windows XP Pro to Windows Server 2003

    Be careful. A lot of programs won't install in Server 2003 because of drivers. Roxio is an example. Acronis True Image won't work, and many others. Plus: There is reason in the world to go with W2003 Server-------PERIOD.
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    How to use the Windows XP Recovery Console

    NetRyder: Thanks for the article. I can't find much that ($) NTFSDosPro can do that can't be done with RC. FYI this also works in W2000, W2000 Server, and W2003 Server. To allow access to all folders and removable media is a little different than your article, but anyone who needs this in these...
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    Backing up- HD/DVD/other device

    Mainframeguy: The only thing I didn't like about M$.net was the added login requirements. I had it installed when I first bought Drive Image 7, and it made login require names and passwords for every user, and the entire login method changed. My wife just want to turn on the computer-period; she...