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    June 2006 Sigs and Avatars

    Don't bother.....they are quite legal here in the US. :up:
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    June 2006 Sigs and Avatars

    Just swapped mine. Mmm....guns.
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    Text file merge util

    Thanks....I'll give it a try. Appreciated.
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    Text file merge util

    I have two adblock plus filtersets on 2 different machines.....both have some common entrys. I'd like to merge both into a single text file with no duplicate lines. Any recommendations for a util to do this? Thanks in advance.
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    Asus or MSI?

    My problem with MSI is not their functionality or feature set, but their quality control. I think their QA people are actually blind monkeys.
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    Something keeping my CPU/HD busy

    1. Make sure indexing service is disabled: 2. Make sure idle hard disk optimization is disabled:
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    Asus or MSI?

    MSI's quality control stinks. Out of my board, and the 2 Neo4 Platinums I have built for friends, all 3 boards have issues. My chipset fan died after 6 months of use, the 2 Neo4's kill CMOS battery's in 1-2 months time. My next board will be Asus or Abit. No more MSI stuff for me.
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

    Oooo...purty. Where can you get the black one?
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

    Forward and back are just necessary now in my opinion. After using them for so long, I just couldn't go without them.
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead

    Does not appear that way from this photo. Looks like one button. Could be a rocker type button for forward and back I guess, but I doubt it.
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    Logitech's answer to Razer Copperhead back or forward buttons? Are they kidding? Right....because no one plays games AND surfs the web. Junk. I'll keep my MX1000.
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    theme applications

    Edit: Nevermind.....missed zeke's post above. Was going to suggest Konfabulator also. :)
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    This post should generate the need for a new mouse in some people :)

    Wire + Ricer neon lights = Me keeping my MX1000
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    Yahoo! Konfabulator

    Konfabulator rocks. Much easier to use and less buggy than DesktopX.
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    Holy MOTHER of craftsmanship!!!!

    I would kill for a couple of the fan grills. Awesome project.
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    Keeping Widgets on screen

    If you are refering to the properties of each widget, set the "Level of Window" to "Below". They then stay when hitting the show desktop button. HTH.
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    XP Tweak from Longhorn - Superfetch

    Interesting. Haven't tried it yet myself, but some folks on the AMD forum said it helped boot time a bit. Use at your own risk of course. :) 2nd article down: ------------------ "Subject: Microsoft claims Longhorn will be, er, faster The...
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    Google Suggest extension for Firefox

    Very cool! Been waiting for this.
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    Setpoint 2.40

    Anyone have a changelog?
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    BF2 petition needs you!

    You do know that online petitions NEVER work right? You need to call/write if you really want to be heard.