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  1. yalooze

    Run Outlook from system tray

    OK, got the answer via the Virtual Dr forums: You need to use a 3rd party app such as TrayIt! Download TrayIt!: Run: TrayIt Right-click program: 'Place in System Tray' Right-click program: 'Edit...
  2. yalooze

    Run Outlook from system tray

    Cheers for the help anyway guys. Will continue to look for a 3rd party app. Will let you know if I find anything.
  3. yalooze

    Run Outlook from system tray

    Hi, I'm running Windows Vista Business with Office 2003 and I'm trying to find a way to have Outlook run from from only the system tray. Basically, I have Outlook open on my second monitor at all times and it takes up unnecessary space on my task bar. Is there a setting within Outlook or...
  4. yalooze

    Way to go Valve

    Every 24 hours game servers send purchase data. Then every week on monday prices are altered based on 'global market demand'. Counter Strike Market: Dynamic Weapon Pricing Algorithm Details I personally don't mind the idea, although I don't really play much CS anymore. The weapon...
  5. yalooze

    Media Players

    BSPlayer for most things. MPC for everything else. If I could get MPC set up with all my keyboard shortcuts how I want them I'd use it for everything.
  6. yalooze

    is it me or is it utorrent ??

    Have you checked whether it's bittorrent in general of if it's utorrent specifically? Maybe try Azureus and see if you have the same results.
  7. yalooze

    is it me or is it utorrent ??

    What do you have your upload speed set to? Setting it to about 70% of your max upload is recommended, anything above this slows browsing etc down heaps.
  8. yalooze

    problems burning ISO with Nero (blank CD)

    You can try mounting the image using a virtual drive (try daemon tools). If there's still problems, then the image is most likely corrupted. If everything's ok, then there's a problem with the burning process and you might want to try out some other burning software.
  9. yalooze

    Download Manager suggestions please

    Been using Flashget since forever. The latest version (1.72) is now completely freeware.
  10. yalooze

    FireFox Plugin: MR Tech Disable XPI Install Delay

    I read somewhere that there was a really good reason for the delay. *looks* EDIT: Found it,
  11. yalooze

    AVG or NOD32?

    Re: AVG or NOD32??????????? Used to use AVG now I use Avast. As a free solution, I'd recommend it.
  12. yalooze

    Your Top 3 Programs

    1. Opera 2. Winamp 3. Azureus
  13. yalooze

    Dvd Drive Problem

    Did everything turn back to normal when you ejected the disc? Sometimes if a disc is a bit scratched/hard to read windows can go a bit crazy attempting to read it, which uses up a lot of resources for some reason. Once you eject the disc everything goes back to normal however. So if not...
  14. yalooze

    Folder View Keeps reseting

    Guybo42, by "after you have everything setup the way you want it." do you mean having all the folders in each view that you want? As in, some list, some thumbnail etc? That's really not practicle for me because I have a lot of folders. It would be nice if I could simply select the view I...
  15. yalooze

    Folder View Keeps reseting

    I've had the same problem for ages, also. Just tried "Restore defaults" and "Apply to all folders" etc. but no luck.
  16. yalooze

    Huge Banner

    Just remember that because the banner is so big, most people will be viewing it from a fair distance. I think you'll find that when you get up close to most big banners the quality is rather shocking. It's all relative. If you can do a test print of a small section, try using the one camera...
  17. yalooze

    August 2006 Desktop Screenshots

    Wallpaper is by netghost who does some wicked stuff. Only just discovered him myself. Coolmon I love, just because it gives me all the info I need, without the fancy and especially without the use of many resources.
  18. yalooze

    August 2006 Desktop Screenshots

    My current desktop VS: HmmXP Icons: Serenity2 Set1 Wallpaper: Distant Ecosystems Misc: Coolmon I'm always jealous of those dual monitor setups. Amazing stuff.
  19. yalooze

    The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

    Thanks tdinc, just what I was after.
  20. yalooze

    The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

    Where exactly does it tell me how and/or if I can customise said shortcuts? ie. currently ctrl+n = open in new window, however I would really like to change this to ctrl+n = open in new tab. And while I'm at it, is it possible to have the status bar appear up the top?