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    Ditto. Shazam is fantastic, and I'm surprised at how capable it usually is at recognizing even some relatively obscure, non-mainstream music.
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    October 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Brilliant. :)
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    iPhone 3G

    The 2.0.1 bugfix update is out. Supposedly fixes the keyboard/contacts lag issues, etc. Installing now...
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    The day that changed my life forever, for the better

    Great news, Derek! Congratulations to both of you! :)
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    iPhone 3G

    Got mine this morning at the 5th Ave store. Haven't been able to let go of it so far. Very cool. :)
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    Trillian Astra:

    It's funny how long this thing has been a "work in progress" - forget about it. Digsby is the new king:
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    iPhone 3G

    I was planning to get one this week, but I'm seeing a significantly large number of reports about bad 3G reception and data speed issues. Have you guys seen these threads? I...
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    Help Wanted with Research (Survey)

    I can try to get these out to the people on my team. :)
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    Firefox standard instead of IE

    I ran into something similar a couple of weeks ago when I uninstalled a beta build of Firefox 3 -- I couldn't set Firefox 2 as the default browser again after that. It seems like installing v2 and v3 side-by-side screws up some settings. I just had to reinstall Firefox 2 over the existing...
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    Gran Paradisio - FF3

    IIRC, the Vista-styled icons have been checked in, but haven't been enabled yet, so it defaults to the new XP-styled ones at the moment...which look kinda odd. Chart of all the icons for XP, Vista, OS X, and Linux:
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    Happy Birthday gonaads!!

    Happy Birthday, G! :D
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    The Official Internet Explorer 7 Discussion Thread

    Yeah, Alt + S used to work in Firefox until the shortcut key for the History menu changed in some version. Here's the thread that I had posted in the feedback forum about it last year. Alt + Shift + S is the new way to invoke the access key in Firefox.
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    Giants are the Champs

    I headed down to Times Square after the victory last night, and it was unbelievable! Almost felt like New Year's eve again. Brilliant. :D
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    Did anyone else watch the "enhanced" version of the season 3 finale last night? Some pretty interesting easter eggs and references in the episode. :) Can't wait for tonight!
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    Happy Birthday Geffy

    Happy Birthday, Feggy! :D
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    Cool. I was just curious, because it is actually possible to get many of the features of a MacBook Pro (LED-backlit display, faster CPU, dedicated GPU, etc.) for the same price as a MacBook if you're keeping your options open. :) But of course, if you're set on OS X, then a MacBook or MacBook...
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    Best Free PDF Creators

    Another vote for CutePDF Writer. Supports x64 versions too.
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    Have you already decided on a Mac, or are you still considering other laptops? On your blog, you mentioned that you want something small and light. There are a few good machines I could suggest that fit the bill, if you're interested.
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    [Movie Review] Cloverfield

    Imagine how I felt entering the subway station here in NYC... :D