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    Print dialog problem

    I need some assistance in fixing a problem with the print dialog box. From any application on my wife's PC (Windows 7 Home Premium) when we try to print using ctrl-P and bring up the print dialog, the list of printers automatically scrolls to the last printer in the list. If you click the...
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    BSOD now won't even post

    I'd say that after 5 years that the mobo battery should be replaced. My PC was almost 5 years old and started acting flaky - several times, after a clean shut down, when booting it couldn't find the HDD but the clock still had the current time. When I went into the BIOS I could set the HDD...
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    TV Advice

    From what I have read, plasma sets are much better for rapid scene changes (sports especially) and have a much larger viewing angle - but have issues in a brightly lit room and also consume a LOT more power than an LCD set. I have a Panasonic 42" plasma (1080i) and a Samsung 58" plasma...
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    Comcast has a 250 gig limit on internet

    My wife and I stream about 3 movies per week and she plays WOW and some other internet games quite a bit. We haven't come close to hitting the limit.
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    Wipe System

    For what it is worth, my company installed a product called Safeboot on all laptops that encrypts all data on the hard drive. When you change your lan password, the software re-encrypts the data in the background. This insures that the data can't be accessed by removing the drive and accessing...
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    Yeah me!

    I'm very happy for you Jewelzz! Congratulations!
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    If you could live anywhere (in the US)

    In no particular order (other than the first entry): Any place warmer (year-round) than northern Illinois Suburb of Salt Lake City Eastern Tennessee (in or near the mountains) Western to Central North Carolina
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    Win 7 Home Premium Family Pack from XP Upgrade

    You can "upgrrade" XP to 7 Home Premium but it is basically a clean install of Windows 7 (you have to reinstall ALL of your apps). I upgraded 2 machines early last year. Microsoft has a utility that you can download to XP and run (it is documented on a card inside the Windows 7 package). It...
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    Recycle Bin permanent location

    Check out the info at Maybe there is a solution in there that will help you.
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    Recycle Bin permanent location

    Edit: Sorry :nervous:, please disregard the following - I misread your question. I'll continue searching for a fix. :) I'm not sure how to make them stay put permanently, but I found this link How can I prevent my icons from moving about? I use the Icon Restore on my work laptop (still...
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    IS Merry Christmas OK - or do I have to say Happy Holidays?

    I say Merry Christmas no matter whom I'm saying (or writing) it to. My feeling is that if they are offended by my saying it, then they should be at work when everyone else has the day off for the holiday. You probably won't find that happening!
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    Problem with BSOD "Page fault in non-paged area".

    Thanks guys - the problem has been resolved (I hope). I was tired when I posted last night or I would have thought to swap video cards and test. I swapped them this morning and sure enough, her card in my PC had the same issues and my card in her PC worked flawlessly. We went to Fry's and...
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    Problem with BSOD "Page fault in non-paged area".

    My wife's computer started acting up today and I'm looking for some advice. I built us two very similar machines and mine isn't having any issues. We both have the same motherboard, graphics card, memory, etc. The only differences are the sound cards and the size of the hard drives. Today...
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    networking / sharing question

    Yes, then restrict access to certain folders to only the user(s) who should have access to it.
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    networking / sharing question

    I don't remember the specifics as I did this years ago on XP, but you should be able to do this on Windows 7. - Create a User Acount, on A, for B, C, and D (each with a different password). - Create a folder (or folders) that you want only B to access. - Right-click the folder and click the...
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    Looking for assistance with a weird problem

    I am trying to resolve a weird problem on my parents' PC. I gave them an older desktop PC this summer running XP Pro SP3 with the latest updates applied around July 5th. The PC has a Asus MB and one of the 1st-gen dual-core Pentiums (a 32 bit model). They discovered a problem, after a few...
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    Problem with an Access database in Windows 7

    Re: Problem with an Access database in Windows 7 - Solved I found a solution to my "problem" :). Microsoft added code in Vista (if UAC is enabled) and kept it in 7 which doesn't let application programs write to sensitive areas in the directory structure (i.e. “c:\”, the “Program Files” and...
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    Problem with an Access database in Windows 7

    I recently upgraded from Windows XP (32-bit) to Windows 7 (64-bit) and am having problem with an Access database. I use a shareware program called SlowGold (to slow down musical passages without changing the pitch). SlowGold stores info in an Access database. When you install Slowgold, it...
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    Rewriteble CD's & DVD's

    Thanks for the info. I'll open an issue with Intuit on this with the idea that they may take action if enough people complain. :)
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    Rewriteble CD's & DVD's

    I just upgraded my system from XP to Windows 7 64-bit and am looking for info about the feature in 7 that allows CD and DVD R/W discs to be treated like a USB flash drive. I am able to drag and drop files and directories from Windows Explorer onto the DVD burner drive and this works just fine...