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    Remote Desktop web connection problems

    By the way, in case anyone cares ;) , I worked out what the problem was - it was my screen resolution !! Terminal Services web connection doesn't work at anything over 1600x1200 - as soon as I dropped my resolution down to this, it worked ! (No thanks to Microsoft who don't mention this fact...
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    Remote Desktop web connection problems

    I'm having trouble getting to my work terminal server using remote desktop web connection. When I try to connect, it brings up the ActiveX install window asking me if I want to install the Microsoft Remote Desktop Web Connection activex component, but when I click Yes, it looks like it's doing...
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    shrink msword doc size?

    You can get Word 2002 (not sure about earlier versions) to compress all pictures in a document for you - all you do is right click one of your pictures (doesn't matter which) and select "Format Picture" from the menu. Then under the Picture tab, click Compress. From here, you can select "All...
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    Internet Connection Issue

    In Internet Explorer, go to Tools, Internet Options, and click on the Connections tab. Under here, you have various options - if you are connected to the internet using ethernet (presumably to your modem/router) you shouldn't have anything in the "Dial-up and Virtual Private Network settings"...
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    I should be able to do this....

    There's a setting (in Word 2002 at least) to change the language for a document. Highlight the text you want to set the language for (in your case press ctrl-A to select all), then go to Tools, Language, and select "Set Language". You should then be able to select English (UK) and click...
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    Outlook 2003 - Saving Recieved Emails & Accounts?

    I'm pretty sure that registry key is here : HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem You'll see a Profiles key which will list your default profile. Just export the whole key (and all the subkeys), and then import it to your newly built...
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    Need MS office help

    Just out of interest, where did you find that .dic on the openoffice site ? I've been looking but I can't find it !
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    Auto Achieve is wasting my PC space

    Wish I had Auto Achieve on my PC.. passing exams would be loads easier ;) :D
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    Need a app to save my website

    You could use Black Widow, which will save everything on your website, and anything linked to it, to your hard disk. Not sure what the latest version is, just do a search for "Black Widow +download" on Google.
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    Cannot log on to the domain

    Have you tried removing, then re-adding the computers to the domain ? Could be worth a go (assuming you can get them to connect to the network that is :rolleyes: )
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    Compressed Files

    The idea behind compressing old files is to compress files that you haven't opened in a long time so that you free up a bit of disk space. There's no point compressing anything other than files you don't use much, as the overheads involved in uncompressing negate the saving in disk space.. Think...
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    Netgear router dropping net connection

    I've had this problem with my Netgear DG814 DSL Modem/router (See the thread Netgear DG814 Problems in this forum). The way I fixed it was to reduce my MTU (Maximum Transfer Unit) size from 1483 (which is the default) down to 1400. Now it stays connected with no loss of connection at all. May...
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    By the way, in case you're interested, I sorted out the connection-dropping problem by reducing the MTU from 1483 to 1400. It now stays on permanently with no connection-drops ! Got there in the end (with a little help !) :D
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    Just want to say a big thanks to Enyo for your Kerio tip - I've just got rid of Norton and installed Kerio and... it all works 100% !! You've saved me another trip to Tottenham Court Road (dammit !!) :p
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    Thanks again Enyo - I'll have a look at those firewall threads :D
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    I think I've solved it !! It's my bleeding firewall screwing it up.. disabling it makes everything work properly with the router config.. Only thing is, I don't really want to be without a firewall... Any suggestions as to what to use with it (running Norton Personal Firewall 2003 at the mo) ? I...
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    Yeah, it happens everytime I apply any configuration changes, such as changing the default password, upgrading firmware, setting up port forwarding, applying basic settings.. anything that involves it saving changes. My firmware version is V4.8.1 July. 17, 2003 . I'm using IE6 SP2, but I've...
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    Cheers Enyo.. I've just done what you said about adding it to the Trusted Sites zone, then resetting the zone security to default, but still no joy I'm afraid - I still just get that bleeding list of fonts whenever I apply anything !! Help !!
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    Here's the picture of the botched confirmation page when I try to apply any settings : DG814 Any ideas ?? I've tried installing Sun's Java runtime, but it doesn't look like java to me... Anyone ?
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    Netgear DG814 problems

    Thanks for your reply ming.. Yeah, the speedtouch modem handles speeds over 800kbps with no problems. I did wonder about the overheating problem - how the hell can I make it any cooler though, other than getting a fan and keeping it blowing on it ?!?! My PCs in my bedroom, sitting on the...