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    UT 2004 listen server problems!

    there are also settings in the UT2004.ini file that u need to configure to tell the server that it is behind a firewall and cannot negotiate any other ports other than the ones given. There are some good ini generators out there including this one...
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    i was a lurker on too, i think i may have posted once or twice there. I got confused with the NTFS switch as it changed, then went back, then changed again
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    record HD failure - what's yours?

    i must be lucky...i've NEVER had a hard drive fail on me my old 3.5 gig hd from my first P200 MMX pc still works
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    Slackware 9.1 SATA support?

    what distros use the 2.6.x kernel
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    Slackware 9.1 SATA support?

    its an intel dell mobo....based of the 845 i think
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    Slackware 9.1 SATA support?

    I was just wondering if anyone knew if Slackware will install on my machine, with an onboard SATA RAID controller (only one drive currently though) If not, what distros besides Mandrake and Redhat include SATA support? One more thing, i origionally partitioned my HD when i...
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    Gmail Anyone?

    I think EP is right....they know that no one will ever accually use a gig of why not just put the bar at that to entice users :D
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    Unreal Tournament 2005 Sneak Peek!!!!!

    :eek: April Fooooooooooooools
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    lol joke gone wrong

    LMAO :cool: i think the best radio mishap was up at busch gardens when fabio was testing out the new roller coaster, and the radio people started throwing rocks at some geese near the coaster which made them fly up and hit fabio in the nose :D
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    April Desktops

    its not april yet Pseudo ;)
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    UT2004 on Linux

    i was wondering today where the heck u would go to buy UT2004 for linux....then i looked on the box and realized the game came with the linux installer :cool: it runs really fast compared to my other linux games like tux racer or chromium (the only other 2 open gl games i have) but still...
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    a silent/cool pc? ...drool....
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    Xfire Instant Messenger

    i tried installing it...but it cut off my internet connection and i had to manually uninstall everything
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    Creating a custom Page File for Virtual Memory

    with a gig of ram im suprised u need a pagefile
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    Lineage II open beta

    the key email took about 12 hours to get here for me
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    Lineage II open beta

    has anyone else had trouble getting there account activated....i used the 20digit code to add lineage 2 game to my plaync accoutn and it seems to be taking awhile to activate
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    Lineage II open beta

    oh sorry...i should have looked
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    Lineage II open beta

    signup trouble - Lineage II open beta anyone playing it? im downloading it now and will have some updates when i play it some