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    December, 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    I was in a hurry to go write my quantum mechanics final so I didn't have time to upload it. And 90% is pretty damn close!
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    December, 2005 Desktop Screenshots

    Here's mine, never really had one worth posting before :) (It refreshes every hour to reflect actual conditions, see this page for instructions
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    I need advice

    my 2 cents: wait for the new ones, and while you're waiting save some money to up the budget. seems like a win win situation to me. ps: does anyone know what kind of ram goes into a toshiba satellite 2410, the users manual and website disagree...
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    M.J. trial question

    So we all know Micheal Jackson was being tried for child molestation. What I want to know is why this page: quotes a forensic accountant. Why was there a need for a financial accountant at a child molestation...
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    2003 Excel Time Query

    i have always found working with dates and times confusing as hell in Excel... good luck
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    Apple G5 faster than all competition - According to Apple.

    this like comparing apples and oranges... get it it's a pun... mac.. apple.. sorry, couldn't help myself
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    Tie fighter desk/PC MOD

    so he automatically wins the geek of the year award, right?
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    XVid movie problem

    ^ what he said that he said
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    What distro are ya using and why?

    I recently switched from Fedora Core 2 (KDE) to Ubuntu and I'm really liking it. Though setting up sound was a bitch (who would of thought I had to add myself to the "audio" group?). Still not sure whether I prefer KDE or Gnome though.
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    what's wrong here?

    17 ppm? what's that like a refresh rate of 0.3 Hz?
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    Good game to play right now?

    I agree 100% for the fun factor, but he wants a game he can play for an hour or less at a stretch, I was never able to play this game for less than 2.5 hours at a time (and not much longer because I kept getting mad at my custodians who would just walk right past puke).
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    My New Toy Cometh (comething complete)

    Re: My New Toy Cometh Guys it's pretty obvious that Sazar has finally ordered himself a mail order wife. The only question left is whether he opted for the nurse or shoolgirl model. That's why he's been so busy lately; he's been converting his closet into a makeshift cage.
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    PlayStation 3 to Change E3

    You guys are always uderestimating Nintendo. They've stated that they will launch the revolution at almost exactly the same time as the PS3 (they learned their mistake the first time). I've seen pictures of it at shacknews and some of the stuff it can do seems pretty cool to me...
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    Hard Drive fixing prog

    thnaks ashius.... but: "Note: PowerMax v 4.21 will not detect ATA or SATA hard disks connected to embedded or add in RAID controllers, NVIDIA Force 3, Force 4, VIA KT 600 and KT800 chipsets." and I have a kt800 controller. chkdsk it is i guess
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    Good comic

    steevo, my ubuntu setup is working just fine thanks, it's my windows one that needs refreshing
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    Hard Drive fixing prog

    One of my hard drives is acting up and I'm not sure what the problem is with it. So I'm looking for a good disk utility (for scanning for errors and defragging), any advice guys?
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    Good comic

    I'm sure most of you know penny arcade, but how many of you know about white ninja? You guys should check it out it's pretty hilarious: P.S.: Does anyone wanna do a format and reinstall on my PC, I don't feel like doing it?
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    What is a good answer to give to someone when they say..

    wow, that's a great answer. Seriously.
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    Do we need a National ID Card?

    <sarcasm> i think barcode tattoos would be much harder to forge </sarcasm> But seriously though, I don't understand this crippling fear americans seem to have about terrorists. Do people really go about their lives living in fear of terrorist attacks? A national id card is a great idea on...
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    Which New Generation of Console will you be buying and for how much?

    two words: Smash Brothers That's why I'm voting Nintendo.