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    Building: need ram help

    Thanks for the info. I found this article: and I'm *assuming* DDR2 will not be supproted with AMD chips until 06 (M2 chips)?
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    Building: need ram help

    My box is dated, and I'm piecing together a new system. I plan on going with a new AMD64 X2, depending on prices I'll probably go with the 3800. I love Asus, so I want to stick with one of their boards, I would love SLI, but I'm going with a single card for now (money constrants) but would like...
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    comp will not ping

    I've had that happen after I uninstalled ZA, the true vector file/program hangs out for some strange reason. I haven't used it in a while, I switched to Kaspersky Anti Hacker for my FW and I love it. See if you still have true vector running when you go into the task manager.
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    Things to do when bored

    Cool shots! For some strange reason I have been bored for weeks. Unfortunatly for me, I lack a lot in creativity. After looking at the pictures the wheels are slowly turning in my head. Rep for the motivation!
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    [HTML] Firefox/IE oddity workaround

    I had a simular problem, but it was with my footer. I was using an all div design ( no tables) and IE had a hard time aligning my footer to the bottom. Might be the same issue you are running into except for the right margin. I managed a fix through CSS. What I did is made a div to enclose...
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    This is creapy

    Thats not really a threat. I had a buddy down in Tenn. that bread rabbits just for eating. Hardest thing was explaining to his kids why two or three suddenly went missing before dinner. Good eating! I recommend baked with garlic and blackpepper splashed with a bit of a decent Italian red...
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    Grandma VS Rockstar Games

    Link: This is really getting out of hand. Clearly guns and felonies are OK, but a sex scene is bad? I haven't seen the clip, I don't even own the game, but people are really getting on my nerves over this. Why is it a game...
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    Java or html code for word descriptions?

    I dug around that author's site, and he has a working downloadable eval: I didn't know he was charging for the full code, sorry. You can check out everything from the eval package and see what he did. It comes with css and the js file. Check...
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    Buy XP Professional OEM??

    I've been meaning to try this, but I don't have an XP home cd to try it with... I *think* this was originally posted on this site, if not I'm sorry, you all can delete this post.
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    Java or html code for word descriptions?

    I was pondering about a vbs script to kick out a label on mouseover, and when I was searching I found this instead: function initToolTips() { document.addEventListener('mouseover',constructToolTip,true); document.addEventListener('mouseout',deleteToolTip,true)...
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    Signatures stealing forum focus

    Thanks Kcnycheif, I disabled banners from there and its much better! It will still do a jump back down once in awhile, but it nowhere near as bad now.
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    Signatures stealing forum focus

    It not *really* a site problem, but it is a petpeeve. Everytime I click on a thread to load it, a few seconds later I'm ripped away from what I am reading by a slow loading signature banner. Then I have to rescroll back up to the thread I'm reading. There has been times I needed to rescroll up...
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    Half Life 2

    IIRC DoD:S is only available through the Silver or Gold steampackage. Its been awhile since I opened up steam, so I'm not sure its even done yet. But I would assume that eventually there will be a seperate download for DoD when its finished. Key word is assume. But if you want to play...
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    What the hell was Valve thinking?

    /load ominous Jedi voice You do not feel the need to play BF2. You will enjoy lastest CS:S updates.
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    GPO for removing icons

    Sorry, I did misunderstsand. OKies, the way I did it: Group policy, admin templates, system: "don't run specified windows applications". To test, I entered msimn.exe for outlook express. After it failed to open, it asks you if you want to remove the icon, hit yes. Repeat process for...
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    GPO for removing icons

    If I am understanding the question correctly, just right click on the icon, and there will be an option to "remove from list". Or, if you right click on the start button, go to properties, and on the general tab, there is a button to clear list.
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    One of the funniest videos I've ever seen.

    Hmmm, whats with the Hyperlinker plugin needed to watch those movies from Albinoblacksheep? *pouts* I don't wanna install a Hyperlinker!!!! edit: ooops, spelled albino wrong. Hey cool edit thingy!
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    Raid 0 array question

    I'm running a few seagates on raid0 with a promise chipset (Asus p4pe), and I have zero problems reinstalling. Just keep the chipset drivers handy on a floppy for the reinstall, and don't forget to hit F6 when it prompts you.
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    Free VB 2005 stuff

    All of the MS languages are there: c#, asp... The one is nice, it seems we will no longer need IIS to compile/run them. It also comes with the beta sql 05 MSDE. I don't know how long the software is good for, I've been using it for about 6 weeks now, and its still running. You do...
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    [Review] of my new Zboard with battlefield 2 keyset.

    Good review! I just can't use the keyboard/mouse with games. I always catch flak for saying this in a forum, but IMHO, the best setup is a gamepad/mouse combo. And I don't mean like hold it as if you were playing on the Xbox. I hold the gamepad in my left hand, thumb on the directional pad...