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    A letter from Bill (Mr Gates to us)

    they always make yopu feel "hey, they are finally doing something..", but then soon enough, another virus exploits the service pack and the whole world screams...
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    Nvidia Advertising Nv40 Discretely? or is it just me? lol

    bah... personally, i feel the UDA drivers for Nvidia simply makes things THAT much more simple. no more comparing batch no. or model no. or manufacturer and what not. just hope over to and download the latest nForce or Detonator drivers and u are ready to rock no flames from...
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    Laptop Overload?

    i tink the name u were looking for is centrino :) anyway, so u not going to use the wireless features right? so just go right ahead n install the modem. windows will just detect it as simply another network interface card and and u can go about using it. :D
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    Difference between 801.11b and 801.11g

    sorry if i am coming in late... but "a" is faster then "b"?
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    The Eastern approach to Error Messages

    haha... u guys are funnier then the supposed joke lol..
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    Bill Gates vs GM

    haha first time i heard it, but its great! lol... :D
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    Which Laptop?

    ah.. i go for Compaq.. juz the right combo of parts i prefer :) EDIT - whoops, didn't know he purchased already..:o anyway, i buying a notebook soon too for school.. what do you guys think of the compaq x1087AP? thnx :cool:
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    Wireless USB?

    sheesh... so all this is gonna fail? still waiting for a good PAN alternative :x
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    Wireless USB?

    hi guys, found this at , thought u guys mind wanna check it out ;). Will Bluetooth be dead by 2006? my two cents, but i tink unless WSUB is low on power consumption, it isn't gonna really take off...
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    Which media player?

    winamp 5 buggy? it seems quite alright to me... hmm..
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    Just about to reformat

    what do you mean by your monitor not lighting up? its the status light on the monitor green or amber? if its green, something is odd, maybe the graphics card... if its amber, i tink it could be your bios is fried or the ram died? any beep code error messages?
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    Want to run a Linux based machine, but which distro?

    it has improved... but its rather unstable for a linux OS :( i tink mandrake would be better for "out of the box", quote Xie :cool:
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    Dead Duck

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    Dear Abby

    lol.. i tink it is more often the case the english language failed them hahaz... :)
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    You Know You Are Living In The 21st Century When...

    absolutely wicked hehez :p
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    *nix distro companies defying GPL?

    lol that case is a classic man... they really got the balls to like, go against the entier *nix community? surprised no one has counter-sued them or something hmm... on the thingy, then aren't they supposed to release their base system? juz some thoughts...
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    Want to run a Linux based machine, but which distro?

    okay.. so JDE is??? actually, i tink it is a java-based desktop right? but wouldn't that be extraordinarily slow? i mean the java runtimes on windows is really sluggish..
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    *nix distro companies defying GPL?

    oh... so if i purchase the software I can say.. add a comment tag somewhere and re-release for free? kinda cool :p
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    COD single player cheat

    here is a txt with some cheats... take a look to see if what you want is inside :D EDIT : fixed some grammatical errors and just to say that alot of cheats are in there, not only levels :cool:
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    *nix distro companies defying GPL?

    oh yea.. that is one.. the distro is good though, i heard... oh my, what ever happened to open source and the free market? :(