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  1. penguin

    Early Feedback Preview (AEC Consultants)

    I am not sure on the font. Also...the personnel page... Not sure if it is the silhouettes but it is sort of 'in your face'. May look softer with actual pictures of the people.
  2. penguin

    [how to fix] when windows 7 can't see other partitions

    It does this because MS know all about writing bad code so they want to help others who write bad code also. ;)
  3. penguin

    Weird DNS Issue

    You should call comcast and yell at them anyways. They are bound to f something up at some point.
  4. penguin

    Saving iTunes

    You can switch as many times as you want to as long as you deactivate previous computers.
  5. penguin

    new medical benefit of circumcision

    Re: new medical benefit of circumsision This post just shows ignorance. You are applying personal opinion as fact. There is nothing unhealthy about it. One question I would have about this study is the personal hygiene of the men after the sexual act. Are they cleaning up afterwards...
  6. penguin

    Bobby Ginn Purchases Majority Interest in MB2 Motorsports Ownership Change for NASCAR Team Takes Effect Immediately CELEBRATION, Fla. (July 26, 2006) -- MB2 Motorsports, which fields NASCAR Nextel Cup entries for drivers Joe Nemechek and Sterling Marlin, has announced a change of ownership. Real estate developer...
  7. penguin

    Amazing close ups of insects.

    Praying Mantises are cool.
  8. penguin

    Question on spam

    I won;t let you forget what it feels like marge. ;)
  9. penguin

    Internet Speed Challenge

    At work. We have a 10/10 connection.
  10. penguin

    The Really Long Thread

    Re: The Really Really Looong Thread Can I be evil with you?
  11. penguin

    connecting a mac to a pc on lan

    If you are running OS X then it is very easy. Just use samba to connect. With Finder as your active application go to: Go -> Connect to server -> enter in smb://ip_of_windows_box -> Connect Will ask you for your user info on the windows box. You can also just navigate through the network...
  12. penguin

    Question on spam

    Sorry xsiv... I just had to do it. I had my fun with the kids in "Team Penguin". If it is because of me that the thread was closed please open it back up and I will not post in it anymore.
  13. penguin

    Question on spam

    I see how it is. Blame everything on the bird who has wings but can't fly. Isn't it bad enough that mother nature played this cruel joke on me?
  14. penguin

    Internet Speed Challenge

    Here are my results.
  15. penguin

    The Really Long Thread

    Re: The Really Really Looong Thread I had a peanut butter sandwich. But yesterday I had 4 pulled pork sandwiches and almost a whole key lime pie. Saturday I ate two 12" pizzas.
  16. penguin

    im down for the count.

    Can you wish it upon me?
  17. penguin

    The Really Long Thread

    Re: The Really Really Looong Thread Then eat more!
  18. penguin

    The Really Long Thread

    Re: The Really Really Looong Thread I ate way too much pizza this past weekend.
  19. penguin


    I highly recommend Parallels if you have an Intel based Mac. It runs great. So much more stable and faster than Virtual PC. I have W2k3 Server ENT running on My 1.83Ghz MacBook Pro with 1.5GB RAm and it runs better than some of the standalone servers I manage.
  20. penguin

    hey sports fans!

    Check out my new site and join the forums. I want the forums to be like an online sports bar. This means you can cuss and discuss any and all sports. If you can start some heated arguments then go for it!