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  1. dere

    Free CD/DVD burning alternatives to Nero

    Ashampoo Burning Studio has a free version that is pretty good. Supports CD, DVD, and Blu Ray.
  2. dere

    Low Level Hard Drive formatter

    Free Wise, Eraser Windows app that lets you can create a "Nuke Boot Floppy" that should do the type of format you are looking for. I have never used it for this but I dont see why it wouldnt work. **However, I think it erases every drive it detects**
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    Official WOW Thread

    Re: Official WOW - The Burning Crusade Thread Anyone playing on US Korgath? I play there and on US Altar of Storms but mostly on Korgath.
  4. dere

    Audio Conversion Software

    Thanks for the suggestions.
  5. dere

    Audio Conversion Software

    Looking for some suggestions for some free or cheap audio conversion software. I need to be able to convert mp4 to wma and wma to mp3. Those are the main things that it must do. I was using Switch as a trail version but the trail ran out and I figured I would see if I could find something...
  6. dere

    Limiting Web Surfing in IE

    I need to set up IE6 so that users can only go to one specific website, eg. . I know that you can allow and block specific websites but I do not know exactly how to go about this to block everything but the one. I do not want the users to be able to go anywhere else.
  7. dere

    Upgrading PC on a tiny budget

    i can scrape together the extra money. :)
  8. dere

    Upgrading PC on a tiny budget

    Thanks for the responses. I think that I will prolly go with the specs that were originally posted.
  9. dere

    Upgrading PC on a tiny budget

    I am gonna do some upgrades to my computer and had a question. I am going to upgrade my motherboard, processor, and power supply. I am wondering what would be the best bang for my buck. I am wanting to stay under $300.00. AMD is a must. I have found this Motherboard & CPU Combo w/ Athlon...
  10. dere

    Dirt Cheap WebHosting

    They are nothing special but it is and I mainly use for irc. The only bad thing about getting rid of my VPS is that I have several people who have irc accounts that will be without, myself included (I prefer to irc thru a BNC). Thanks for the replies...
  11. dere

    Dirt Cheap WebHosting

    Can anyone give me some ideas for some really cheap webhosting? I have to be able to have 2 domains (1 as an add-on is fine) and would prefer unlimited pop3. Mysql is a must but I only need a couple DBs. I currently have a VPS but the wife has pulled out the whip and is making me cut back on...
  12. dere

    Free Linux CD's

    I think I will give the Suse a try. My server now is running Centos. With a 4-6 week delivery time that gives me plenty of time to forget I signed up for it and then it will seem like a gift out of the blue.
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    Post Number 100

    If anyone can assure me that the site will be here in 36 more yrs then I will promise to shoot for the 1000 mark.
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    Post Number 100

    I sense a bit of sarcasm. haha This was something really big for me. I have dedicated 4 years of my life working towards this goal. :)
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    Shoot Superman

    109, not too bad. Pretty fun game for the simplicity.
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    Post Number 100

    Well, Well. I only took me four years but I have finally hit the 100 post mark. Hooray for me heh. :laugh:
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    Best MMORPG's Of All Time

  18. dere

    FAH sig downtime

    I can help out with the hosting if it is needed.
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    NvNews + OSNN + SP Folding Team

    I am at the moment folding with 4 or 5 machines. I am thinking of adding about 10-15 more machines if/when I get time to mess with it. Hope my little bit that I am posting now helps. Btw, I attempted to join the Folding group but have not been allowed in yet. Did not know if it just did not...
  20. dere

    Windows XP Pro Network Connections Issue

    I have just moved and went to change some of my network settings and ran across an interesting issue. When I open the control panel and click on the Network Connections icon it goes dim and will not open. I have checked the system for any virus or spyware files but have found nothing. I ran...