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  1. damnyank

    What was the original name of OSNN?

    Or maybe it was something before that??? XP-erience Much more here...
  2. damnyank

    I've been demoted

    I don't understand Jewelzz- you are still a Queen!:suprised:
  3. damnyank

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all those who celebrate it, and those who do not call it Christmas and celebrate anyway!
  4. damnyank

    my ten year aniversary

    Happy belated anniversary Perris. I notice your spelling hasn't improved over the years. Good to see all the old timers show up for this occasion. Take my word for it - it is hell getting to be a retired ol'fart. I had my 10th back in March also. Any way good to see ya'll!
  5. damnyank

    IS Merry Christmas OK - or do I have to say Happy Holidays?

    perris, it actually was not intended to start a discussion, I was trying to be "politically correct" in wishing everyone @ a great Holiday season. Perhaps my best wish is for everyone to have a Happy New Year and hope ya'll are here @ the end of the year for me to wish you a Happy 2012!!
  6. damnyank

    IS Merry Christmas OK - or do I have to say Happy Holidays?

    Take your pick, but I hope you and yours have a great one - whatever you prefer to call it! :rolleyes:
  7. damnyank

    Has Windows 7 killed this site?

    Yup, I stay busy with other things in other places....not to mention retirement - heck I don't hardly have time to go to the bathroom with the never ending "Honey-Do list" my wife has. :rolleyes:
  8. damnyank

    I lost my brother today

    perris, what a wonderful tribute and sorry for your loss. Marty sounds like a wonderful father, husband and friend. Cancer is a mean hombre and one that took my father before his time. Prayers going up for you and his family!
  9. damnyank


    I thought you had a question about rivetting something together....what a surprise! Oh, I really ws rivetted to it - thanks for posting!
  10. damnyank


    Ohh sooo funny still! TYVM Cowman!:laugh:
  11. damnyank

    Christmas Miracles...

    I read about this on another forum yesterday and the general feeling there was that the medical care provided the results (with a little help from above). Personnally I agree with Jewelzz - "it just wasn't their time". Very happy mum and baby are doing fine!
  12. damnyank

    Happy Holidays

    Marge - Happy Christmas and a jolly good New Year! I understood what you were getting at - even if no one else does! :rolleyes:
  13. damnyank

    Its been 7 years...

    I seem to remember a few "resets"!!!:laugh:
  14. damnyank

    Its been 7 years...

    Me too and you got me by about 11 days. I'm talking about being a member here - not age young lady! I be an Ol' Fart!! :devious:
  15. damnyank

    Happy Birthday Jewelzz

    Dang Jewelzz - that's the story of my life (always late) but a Happy Belated Birthday to Ya!
  16. damnyank

    Turkey Balls?

    That's exactly what I thought of when I first saw that!
  17. damnyank

    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    True, very true! :):)
  18. damnyank

    Thunderbird locked email account?

    Perhaps I am out in left field, but when I had that little lock on my email account in Thunderbird, the only way I could figure out to get rid of it was to uncheck SSL in the Security Setting window on that mail account. I'm not sure if that is the only thing it means - but that's what I found...
  19. damnyank

    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    It has been awhile since I have been here, but I am an Ol' Fart and sometimes I forget where to go (maybe even sometimes "when to go") - so hi to ya'll again! :)