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    Not an issue upload failed...

    i was just trying to add a pic of me to my profile, yet whenever i go to save changes, it tells me upload failed. the pic is 117x150 and only 14kb. sorry but now it's showing. i just wasn't patient enough, def my bad starting this thread. plz forgive me :blush:
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    Merry Christmas

    haha! that cracked me up :up:
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    Merry Christmas

    been some time since i have posted here, so it's a good time to now. Merry Christmas to all the members here and of course their families and friends. Peace to you all :) btw nice pic Carpo. did you make that? if so great job on it.
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    Lynne Spears to write parenting book

    kids today just don't know how to keep their frigin pants on, which results in kids having kids. all of my friends and brothers have kids as a result of NOT keeping their zipper 'zipped' and on top of it NONE of them take care of the kids. the lady i live with takes care of almost all of them...
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    Windows Live Messenger: Options Request

    i've been wondering why that option hasn't been included for long time now. it needs to be there as you are prone to getting into ones conversation unwittingly.
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    Which encoding looks better?

    the top one definately looks better. more crisp looking. shadows are as well.
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    Firefox 2.0 now available

    so far so good for me. i only have the foxyplayer ext and it is working fine, pretty useful for me at least. i did use a theme as well and no probs. i usual use ie, but i dont just go to any website. i'll definately be using it more now than i ever did just to see from my own exp. how well it...
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    [SWF Game] - Kitten Cannon

    just got 1660. funny watching the kitty bounce so high! WOOHOO just got this 1967ft with a 210 vertical!!!!
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    Futuremark's 3DMark 2001 SE Benchmarks

    so ur saying i should've created a whole new thread to make a comment about this particular program when there is this one? ur post was useless unwonted. thanks, but no thanks for ur input.
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    Futuremark's 3DMark 2001 SE Benchmarks

    do ya'll realize how bogus 3dmark is? i mean if u do extensive research on it, you will see how bogus it is. examples are higher end spec'd pc's are being beat by older lower end pc's. i mean c'mon, how can lower end machines beat higher end machines? biggest example is the game benchs. you see...
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    will this mobo support this drive size...

    it's an MSI KT6V-LSR mobo and the drive is a Samsung 160GB(SP1604N) model. tia
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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Complete Game

    my best medic run to date. right after this shot, i was bomb-rushed by 4 of them. they were tired of me i guess LOL! everyone cas see the 30 kills thing, so u know they were looking for me hard ROFL! i aint trying to brag, was just on a killing spree.
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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Complete Game

    lol oh yes for sure. i didnt mention that lol. i was kickin' azz that night :rambo: how often do u play EP? there are a TON of servers and mods/maps and so on. trips me out how people play and new people join each day.
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    Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory - Complete Game

    yes i do, just about everyday at some point within the day.
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    Power Button

    make SURE the heatsink is making good contact with the proc. if not, this will occur in order to prevent cpu damage, a failsafe if u will. this is the case most of the time.
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    how to REALLY tell if u need defrag

    yes they would be. i figured they wouldnt matter at that point, just wanted to see what u thought. thnx would copying/pasting be a good way to get a good to find out how badly the fragmentation would be affecting the actual files ur using or would something else say like...just running...
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    how to REALLY tell if u need defrag

    ok, i see where ur going with this. my question is when this monitor is on screen and ur not doing anything but idling, would these 2 counters be useful?
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    Newest Nvidia Drivers

    u mention the 75.90's. have u tried them yet perchance? where could i get them? thx for ur help
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    Newest Nvidia Drivers

    how are they in comparison to the 66.93's? i have the 71.40,just haven't installed them yet.
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    Did Windows Update Kill The P2P Star?

    i have rr. here are my results as well... :::.. Download Stats ..::: Connection is:: 4767 Kbps about 4.8 Mbps (tested with 2992 KB) Download Speed is:: 582 KB/s Tested From:: Test Time:: Thu Feb 24 14:03:31 EST 2005 Bottom Line:: 85X faster than 56K 1MB download...