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    Shouldn't changes I make on a email client apply to the server?

    I'm pretty sure gmail is imap. cuz i even set the settings in to use IMAP. but, now that u mention it, live mail seems to be something else... MAPI... what is that? Oh, btw, is it normal for gmail imap on email clients to be relatively slow? my live mail accounts seem way faster...
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    Shouldn't changes I make on a email client apply to the server?

    I'm using Outlook 2010 IMAP for both and Well, here's the situation. For example, if i empty a folder (say, the "trash" folder for gmail, or the "deleted" folder for live mail) through Outlook 2010, it starts downloading the contents again from the email server and syncs it...
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    "Videos" folder icon changed to normal yellow icon

    using windows 7 atm. dunno how this happened but i noticed today that the "videos" folder icon changed from the special shell icon to a normal yellow icon. any ideas on how i can change it back? thanks
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    Similarites between military and university life...

    Hi everyone. I have an upcoming speech competition, where the theme is "my university life". Since I've served in the military before, I thought it would be entertaining for the audience if I compared some of the elements of military life and university life, while I kinda flash back and...
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    what's the best way to use FTP?

    or should i say view FTP? i'm using smartFTP right now, but it is only a trial version. i'd most prefer not to install any software if windows 7 itself has a program or method for viewing FTPs. if not... then what is the best FTP programs out there that go along best with win 7?
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    How long does it take for Nvidia to release WHQL?

    Thanks guys... i didn't even know what WHQL stood for until now. hmmm... but 3~4 months huh? heh, i guess i should just stick with 191 for now... thanks again!
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    How long does it take for Nvidia to release WHQL?

    How long does it take for them to release WHQL after the BETA version has been released? Most of the previous driver versions seem to come within a month (month and a half at the most). 195.39 got me interested... so... :)
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    Visual C++ don't work in SP2

    It is not the visual studios suite... it is just visual C++ 6.0. I'm pretty frustrated since it is halting my studies... i really need this program to work... i'm sitting here doing nothing except trying to solve the problem. maybe i should just reinstall windows again with SP1... which I...
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    Visual C++ don't work in SP2

    I installed Visual C++ prefectly on SP1, but it won't work in SP2. Is there anyway to work around the problem? Maybe a patch provided by Microsoft? I'd like to keep SP2 if i can help it. I use Korean version of XP and other applications so the error message, when roughly translated, says...
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    ATI driver post-installation tidying

    Looking at the ATI driver tweak guide at, I read a part where it says it is okay to delete the folder with the installation files after I've installed them. It said the folder is just the unzipped files from the driver file I downloaded from the internet. Soooo... I head over...
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    y'z toolbar 1.3 won't load! That's the link right there. As for the question I asked, I found the solution for it. If I recall correctly, I looked at the readme or the help file... or maybe its site. Anyways, for those having the problem I had with loading the...
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    y'z toolbar 1.3 won't load!

    didn't know where to put this so I decided to put it in this section. kinda related to windows application as well i guess... anyways i loaded it... and it did load the first time... i unticked the box where it says that it will show yz toolbar in the icon tray... i didn't want it :P then...
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    Wallpapers... Post and Request

    Requesting walls of building/city scenaries... Real photographs pieces please. Beginning posted bunch of these on the previous page but they were all bunched up together. I especially liked the second one to the right. Cuz I'd prefer a blue tone if it is possible.
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    After 'System Shock 2'...

    Yeah, graphics are pretty overrated. But I don't think it would hurt to use better graphics if they are available. I wonder why they stuck with a 2 year old engine... Hrmm...
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    After 'System Shock 2'...

    I wonder if anyone here got a chance to play the awesome game, System Shock 2. Along with games like Undying and Silent Hill, SS2 is one of those rare games that scares me enough to force me to quit the game at certain times. Simply put, I love it. I always thought that the only fault in...
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    Best File Sharing software?

    When you say Limewire is excellent, are you also implying that it is better than kazaa? By "better", I mean are there more files and is it faster, etc. Bittorrent sounds pretty confusing to me. I might go ahead and try Limewire first and put Bittorrent as a last resort... Thanx for you...
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    Best File Sharing software?

    I've been using Kazaa and Kazaa Resurrection, but I want to try some other file sharers. What is a good alternative? I've searched around the forum and read about Bittorent. Is this good? I'm seeing Torentstorm, etc. Are there different types of Bittorent or what? Then what is the best...
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    Help me along with everyone else laugh!

    Ahhh... that's great. Ummm... is it possible to put a BAD reputation scale on the forums? Hehe... j/k But seriously, that wasn't helpful at all, although, I believe that was your intention. Your name reminds me of the guy in 'Jackass' movie. I laughed quite hard watching that one.
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    Help me along with everyone else laugh!

    Lets start out with a big laugh. Natural or forced, doesn't matter. "HAHAHAHAHA...." laughed Blade195 :D By now most of you would know laughing is really good for you, both physically and mentally. It is recommended to have a big laugh at least once a day, whether it is caused naturally...
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    I am Neo. It says, "I'm the One"... WHOA!