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    Changing the size of icons in Quicklaunch

    thanks for sharing it as I was looking for it from the long time.
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    View your Ip address using One Keyboard Shortcut

    Well nice way.....will give it a try.
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    free browsers for mobile phones

    Yes I have tried in different browsers its working best with the opera mini.
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    laptop battery discussion/how to get longest life

    Well I always used to leave my laptop on charge when I see baterry down with 20-30%.
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    Template Design Resources

    Sorry mate I am working with Word press not have any Idea of Drupal,But Need to start Drupal as well can you please guide me on it.
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    [Guide] Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Great information.....Thanks a lot for Sharing as there are various thing to be kept in mind while doing SEO activitites.
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    Craigslist Posting

    Post on craiglists are not 100% serious posts.
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    Graphic Design Resources

    Thanks a lot for sharing these sites i will try it out.
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    Android Hash Codes

    Thanks a lot For sharing such a cool information.I will try this to my Android Phone.
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    Hard disk not recognized?

    You need to recheck BIOS settings! try to enable/disable some setting there in BIOS set up. I am sure it will help you. Let me know, if it works.
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    Windows 7 Versions

    All editions of Windows 7 are stored on the machine, regardless of what edition is in use. Windows 7 Starter is the edition of Windows 7 that contains the fewest features.