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    Any Reds Fans here?

    LIVERPOOL! Liverpool FC! all the way. Been a LFC fan for 12 years now.. ;)
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    lol wtf u doin this only 2 make me post ! ;) no i have NEVER CHEATED i hate being called one 2.. and u know it so well u freakin dozer muppet! :D
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    i am NOT a camper! ;) well sometimes.. u should know its a part of the game sometimes also.. :D u should know better than anybody else EP... that i am NOT a camper! Maybe we should have fight soon!? ;)
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    best amd xp athlon motherboard?

    Would go for Soyo SY-KT333 DRAGON Ultra (Platinum Edition)
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    Change XP Product Key

    ehehehe /me laughs
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    Spinning Nik Fish - @ Nova969 Sydney 2002 Exclusive @ Dj Daniel H
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    Show others how your home space looks ?

    ur obviously NOT a golfer! :D
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    yeah thats right.. :D Im spinning Global_DJ_Broadcast_(Party_931)-DJ_Tiesto_20-05-2002-1REAL (High quality trance by the master himself) soon after Punk's Bitchin Choons are finished ! @ Dj Daniel H
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    Which is Faster

    My suggestion is a Western Digital Caviar 120GB IDE 7200RPM Special Edition 8MB cache WD1200JB! You get smaller Hds from the same brand, either with less space or less cache, but then again the price is cheaper! LightWave
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    Missing operating system

    hmm wierd... only time i saw that message was after turning some new options on in the bios-- and then after reboot when xp was "supposed" to load.. i got that message.. what i did was just to reset my bios! You sure you mean the Xp INSTALL<---??? Try enter the bios and reset it! Load...
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    You Cow!

    bwhahhahah! :D
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    Introducing Matrox Parhelia™-512 - Website Launched

    yeah! hehe we can expect a really big graphics card "technology" fight coming now ! Looking forward 2 that ! :D
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    XP-erience Needs you !!!

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    Opinion on RAM-Optimizer(Ozone 1.01)!?

    windows doesnt handle the ram very well .. its only using it..:p It does free up some of the used mem when closing a program game etc.. but it doesnt free up all of the used mem! Clearmem is neat.. very cool tool..its a small mem "optimizer" but 1st of all it isnt free! (Check it out if u...
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    Show super hidden files

    ExWhap ... yeah mate... Its still there.. aint that many users tho.. Join and .. be a frequent user.. u were really helpfull mate.. make ur self worth the op again :p :D hehe ..
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    old Futuremark 3DMark2001 SE Benchmarks

    catch23 ... not yety matey...but soon i hope.. :D