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  1. NuclearSmegma

    my ten year aniversary

    Congrats on the 10 years! I wonder how many have almost ten years and only around 150 posts :)
  2. NuclearSmegma

    The Really Long Thread

    It's sooo easy to do sitting!
  3. NuclearSmegma

    News Fed Up of Farmville Updates? Facebooks Takes Action

    Yup. Facebook has been good with the blocking. Once blocked - it's stayed blocked, so no real benefit for me here.
  4. NuclearSmegma

    Vista Login Sequence Screen Captures

    Here's the issue: I would like to take screen captures of the Vista login sequence. Problem: I can't install 3rd party software to do it. I tried with a camera, but quality sucked. Found this, but was for XP, and didn't work: Try this: 1) Press Ctrl+Alt+Del to open the Windows Task...
  5. NuclearSmegma

    Good Night

    Holy Necro Batman!
  6. NuclearSmegma

    you know that ad we all hate?

    SITE DENIED BY SMARTFILTER The website you requested has been specifically banned by smartfilter. I hate being at work
  7. NuclearSmegma

    How many tracks on your computer?

    'bout 11k tracks
  8. NuclearSmegma

    Gmail Accounts Anyone?

    Got 2..use them for storage, spam, and occasionaly mail. Use it through outlook tho - not web.
  9. NuclearSmegma

    What are you listening to?

    Disturbed - the Sickness
  10. NuclearSmegma

    GMail Invites

    Got some to give also...
  11. NuclearSmegma

    avril~poser or real

    I like this one...
  12. NuclearSmegma

    Am I crazy?

    A little OCD never hurt anybody
  13. NuclearSmegma

    Anyone Pierced?

    2 in each ear. I'm in the military. It's tough enough with just them. Can't have them in when on the installation. May look to add meore when I retire in 3-5 years.
  14. NuclearSmegma

    Word Association

  15. NuclearSmegma

    What size is your HD?

    2 60 gb drives 1 is split 3 ways: 1 for XP; 1 for XP restore; 1 for red hat 2nd drive is for storage of tons of crap
  16. NuclearSmegma

    Word Association

  17. NuclearSmegma

    Word Association

  18. NuclearSmegma

    Word Association

  19. NuclearSmegma

    VoIP discussion

    Don't know where you're at or your net connection.... Buddy of mine here in Central Georgia had VOIP (don't know the company). His ISP was Cox Cable. He had to cancel service. Connections sucked. I love to have a deal like that. My wife lives on the phone. My 2 cents.
  20. NuclearSmegma

    The Person Above Me

    The person above me is creative and wishes others to be the same.