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    August 2004 Avatars and Signatures

    Its errrr......dark. The original is 2000x500 but that's not allowed is it :rolleyes: I used one photo from deviant art. Its the blurry white shape which started as a face, but as i added more layers, it became less and less visible. It is my first attempt so be kind :p
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    Windows Media Player 10

    i didnt notice any changes in the way of better sound or video, only a few cosmetic changes, i think i'll wait for the final release
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    Please recommend a budget videocard

    i would go with an ATI 9600. an ati 9200 would be okay, it gets reasonable frame rate on ut2004 (above 30fps) on highest settings, but my friend says it struggles to keep far cry above 25FPS, im not sure how it would cope with splinter cell i would avoid nvidia cards for the time being
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    Word Association

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    Displaying video on secondary display?

    display properties and under the "settings" tab then advanced [EDIT] i think u have to select ur primary display
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    Displaying video on secondary display?

    u could try going into the advanced panel, and select the overlay tab. click clone mode options, and select "same on all" then apply if u want the video to display full screen on ur secondary display, u could select "theatre mode" instead of same on all. this was tested on my tv and worked...
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    Displaying video on secondary display?

    do you want to display the video on ur secondary display only or bth? i used to have that problem with my nvidia card. if i wanted to watch a movie from pc to tv then i had to set my tv as the primary display, im not sure if ati cards have the same problem. i have never found an alternative method
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    xPod, Microsofts Answer to the iPod

    that is soo cool :D i would take that over my ipod and my ipaq anyday i didnt read it all coz the pictures were all i needed....when does this come out? :)
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    Scared of Heights

    411 :p
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    The TRON 2.0 Thread

    i downloaded the demo ages ago, but never really bothered installing it. what other modes of mulitplayer are there?
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    Test Your Eyesight

    i knew it was coming, but it caught me when i wasnt paying attention :eek: nice one :)
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    splinter cell help

    how would that help?
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    Very cool ragdoll physics....

    lol, very nice tapping "H" loads of times. pinged it from side to side, further and further. didnt come back after i did that for about 15secs :(
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    Sims 2 Movie

    makes me want it more. where can i get more in game clips?:D
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    midtown madness 3

    as far as i know there has been no official word, but it is probably gonna come out for pc eventually :rolleyes: Link to my source
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    The Sims - Missing Data Directory

    is there anyway i could combine all of the expansion packs in to one installation file. it would save alot of time when installing or re-installing
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    splinter cell help

    its a bug in the game. just install the 1.1 patch to fix it :)
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    The Sims - Missing Data Directory

    i could re-install but it takes ages, there must be some other way :(
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    Not really a huge Problem

    lol. no prob [EDIT] any chance of having it fixed? :)
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    Not really a huge Problem

    The top pic is the main forum page under games showing that i posted to that thread, which i didnt the second pic shows the actual thread i posted 2 i dont know if this has been posted before, but i felt i needed to bring it up. maybe its just a problem with my browser :)