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    A visual history of OSNN

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    July 2022 Desktop Screenshots

    Winstep nexus (free version)
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    July 2022 Desktop Screenshots

    Dock drawers
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    July 2022 Desktop Screenshots

    For old time sake...
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    OSNN Newsletter

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    What game changed it all?

    August 8th 2020 - I still play UT and RTCW on occasion
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    A visual history of OSNN

    I remember you!
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    A visual history of OSNN

    Still here since...omg...since 2002! That's back when active desktop scripts were better than sliced bread, the VoodooLights screensaver was epic and 1/4 of my work day was spent perusing the forums. I lost all my custom OSNN art and wallpapers years ago but I still have a few of my vintage...
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    Did animals have quake warning?

    We tend to question psychic abilities primarily because we lack them. To say that animals can sense danger (or anything for that matter) before us, kinda implies an inferiority among the human race. And god forbid we're ever considered inferior on any level... That falls along the lines of...
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    Make an avatar of yourself..

    This is what OSNN has done for me. :cool:
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    Microsoft Releases Internet Explorer Fixes

    Yeah well, when the govt. actually got fed up and suggested the use of IE alternatives, someone had to act fast. :rolleyes: With greateth speed cometh a wee bit of recklessness.
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    stuck: cannot load web page

    Yes, that didn't work. :confused:
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    stuck: cannot load web page

    Here's an odd one: I'm unable to load from any browser (IE, Firefox, Opera, etc.) on my primary home PC (dock extensions included). This is the only site I'm experiencing problems with. My laptop loads the page just fine. I'm out of ideas on what to trouble-shoot. Any suggestions?
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    The OSNN Debate

    This might qualify for a lame name award but is available. ;) [edit] Regardless of whichever new name is chosen, my case sticker stencil will be a rarity. Get it while it lasts. :)
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    Question about Active Desktop

    Hey, all my stuff was built on your tutorial. Who knows, I may dabble in it again in the near future...if you persist in adding updates and reveal more of your unsolved AD secrets. ;)
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    Question about Active Desktop

    Not necessarily, you could script them (context items) back in if you had the I once did. :) *edit my first post since re-registering and I already had a typo. :mad:
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    January Desktop Captures - Open

    Sweet dtop SpeedY.
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    Messenger: Opera! not IE!

    LOL...:D Well, not a solution to the problem but a work-around: I use MSNM via Trillian. Trillian will utilize whichever browser is set as your default. 'Course, Trillian Pro 1.0 does not support integration with MSNM 6.1 beta.
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    Burgular Getting In My House I Need Help

    Maybe I'm missing something here, but have you at least notified the authorities of the repeated incidents? Catching the guy in a digital still is great, but it won't do much unless someone knows about the situation. If you opened the front door one day and there I was, a stranger standing...
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    How/were to learn about Macs?

    He just did. :p I don't want to spam the thread with mac URLs, so just start here: Then do a search for more on Google or whatever your preferred search engine is --Mac Forums is a good search key phrase. There are plenty of dedicated Mac forum sites, similar in style...