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  1. Digdis

    Dual boot OpenSuSE and RHEL4 with the same network user

    Thanks j79zlr. Yeah I guessed these were the problems to expect. Would cloning these directories with different names (say .kde-suse and .kde-rhel), and setting up symbolic links (.kde here) at the very early login stage solve these problems? If so - where is the best place to put this hack?
  2. Digdis

    Dual boot OpenSuSE and RHEL4 with the same network user

    This is a bit of an unusual question, but here it goes: Been using OpenSuSE 10.1 on my work PC, and have been very happy with it. The thing is that one of the applications I need to run on it (the WindRiver Workbench environment) is officially supported only on Enterprise distributions like Red...
  3. Digdis

    Messenger 8.1 Beta says: Hello World

    The 8.1 Beta info link is down. Any other one? I personally experienced too many bad issues with WLM (comparing to 7.5). I hope that the "better server performance" feature will resolve these issues.
  4. Digdis

    Ad's in messenger.

    Or messpatch at (better than A-patch IMHO). D.
  5. Digdis

    Remote Desktop Software

    Interwise is very similar. Been working with it for a while at my work place, and we were quite happy with the features and performance. GoToMyPc (as well as LogMeIn) belong to another type of solutions, closer to VNC in the concept, allowing a remote user to view your...
  6. Digdis

    outlook 2003 and attachments

    What do you mean by doubled at both ends? What kind of server are you connected to?
  7. Digdis

    WLM: Always offline!!!

    After searching a bit more (including the MSN forums), it seems that this is a genuine problem in WLM (not there in previous versions). As WLM seems to have many other problems, I'm sticking with 7.5, and advised my friends to downgrade as well. After they did, all problems were gone. Guess we...
  8. Digdis

    WLM: Always offline!!!

    Thanks EP. He tried it, but with the web msn it didn't happen. D.
  9. Digdis

    WLM: Always offline!!!

    Had to bump this one, as another friend of mine had the same problem with WLM, and the posted link seems dead. Googled a bit, and it seemed this problem happened to lots of people. Does anyone here have a solution?
  10. Digdis

    searching for a song title

    Groove armada - I see you (babe)
  11. Digdis

    Men watch the rules!

  12. Digdis

    The President's Testicles

    Hehe - that's a classic one with many versions. One of them I really like was told by Quentin Tarantino as a guest actor in the movie "Desperado" (2nd movie of "El Mariachi" sequel). The way he told it was really funny. Goes something like this: A guy in a bar, after drinking a few beers...
  13. Digdis

    Man.. Patent law needs to change

    Kind of reminds of this:
  14. Digdis

    Your Top 3 Programs

    1. Maxthon 2. WLM 3. Outlook (work) 3. emule/uTorrent (home) EDIT: My my. Hope my boss doesn't see this - all I do is surf, chat & read mails...
  15. Digdis

    WLM: Always offline!!!

    Wow thanks! My friend had the same problem, so he came back to version 7.5. I didn't upgrade at all due to this problem. Thanks DL (rep++ :) ) D.
  16. Digdis

    We got 2 Jews - Screw you Mel Gibson!
  17. Digdis

    Windows Live Messenger Feedback

    Didn't really like the blatant way they use the forum & installation program (!) to push forward their political agenda. D.
  18. Digdis

    Backup of files from Windows to a Linux HD

    Thanx - Looks like we have a winner...
  19. Digdis

    Backup of files from Windows to a Linux HD

    Please elaborate. I have no problem formatting my secondary HD to have fat32. Can Linux access it without problems?
  20. Digdis

    Backup of files from Windows to a Linux HD

    Well that's what I wanted to avoid. I don't want to mess with the HW each time I want to boot Linux... Seems like I'm out of luck. The reason I wanted this was to share the space in my secondary HD between Linux and backups. Guess I will need to separate it to the 10GB partition for Linux...