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    Funny Video Thread

    Funny animation series - Versus YouTube - Macho vs Loser | Versus YouTube - Luke Skyworker vs N.E.O. | Versus see more on their youtube channel
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    What's your favourite recovery software?

    +1 and more... have anyone tried to use it whith win7?
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    Discount for Acronis Disk Director

    Hey again! This offer has been prolonged so hurry up:)
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    Discount for Acronis Disk Director

    Hello guys! I want to tell you good news:) Only during this week - July, 27^th through August, 2^nd you can purchase Acronis Disk Director for half its listed price! Don’t miss your chance to save $25 on this offer!
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    New backup program

    Hello! There is a new backup program - Acronis Backup and Recovery. It delivers an affordable deduplication option that helps IT departments to make a better use of their storage and network infrastructure, saving time and expense.
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    for those who want buy backup software

    hey guys! so acronis give us a chace to decrease price for the backup software:
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    Easter offer for backup software

    Hello! i found very attractive offer we need to register and the price for the software will go down. So i hope that it'll be useful for you.
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    backup discounts

    Hey all! There are great offers (1 and 2) from acronis on Xmas holidays:)
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    Backup solution needed

    Hello, guys! I've found that Acronis has just released ATI 2009 Home. What do you think about it? I'm going to buy it and need your opinion. Thanks.
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    A duck or True Image for $10?

    Just a great offer: True Image is a really high-quality software and the price is just nothing! I would definitely take that - if I didn't have one alreadyJ If you don’t have it, you should, I’ve never seen an offer like this from them before
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    Partition program besides built in..

    yes, disk director is a very good prog and i do recomend it. But what's wrong with vistas partitioning utility? may be someone can explaine me the difference.
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    Free Partition Tool For Vista

    i agree, isn't it more convenient? Do you think that it(vista partitioning tool) isn't so good.
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    XP Pro Compatible with Vista Mainboard?

    i guess "VISTA Edition Motherboard" means that MoBo contains disk with fista drivers. The same thing was when win xp appeared, there were slogans "desinged for win xp" and so on.
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    Power supply calculator

    frankly speaking there are a lot of similar progs: and in most cases they are used for advertising of PSU brands.
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    Recover Deleted Files - Help

    I'm the third(or the forth) for getDataBack, once it saved my precious data and even my life:)
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    Help cant connect to Google or yahoo

    check out your network settings. And did you make a clean install or you just install windows over the old installation?
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    Clone XP installation onto seperate disk

    true image and norton ghost are imaging backup progs, i mean it's worth to use them if you need to make backup of your computer, and if you need only to clone the old drive tot a new one, you can use another prog, for example migrate easy, it can easily do what you need and it has a 15 day full...
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    home network back up

    not home version, you need to use workstation version. There you need to install group server on one of your computers and on the other one install special agent, then you can manage network backups.
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    Any way to recover deleted partitions?

    have you format the drive after you saw that you'd lost all your partitions? i've never come across such a situation. How many partitions do you have now, i mean i've written that you made 10Gb partition< and the other space is unallocated? if yes it's possible to restore lost partitions with...
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    best imaging software?

    hi all, i am for true image too, and there is an interesting article about the comparison of two well known imaging progs: true image and norton ghost. hope it would be interesting for you.