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    August 2008 Desktop Screenshots

    Just keeping it simple for a while, using the Windows 7 theme.
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    New Vista Seven Theme for Windows Vista Released

    Microsoft should have done the full glass effect in Vista anyway... other than that theres not alot happening so far with Windows 7.
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    New 80GB Playstation 3 (PAL) - sooner than expected?

    Dam, i should have waited a bit longer.
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    Firefox 3 RC2 Released

    I wish Tab Browser Preferences worked with FF3 :(
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    Intel speeds up nehalem launch

    Sounds good... i'll be getting one.
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    Windows XP expires on June 30

    Where does this leave people who bought the Eee-PC and other small devices which cannot run Vista on those specs.
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    Scientists Say Invisibility Cloak Now Possible

    If this technology got into the wrong hands... :squareeye