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    google search in IE tweak

    You can add/edit these through TweakUI too...
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    Slow shutdown due to virtual memory?

    Clearing out the Pagefile also saves disk space and seems to boost performance. On my comp it doesn't really matter anyway...I usually take off after I hit Shutdown and turn off my monitor.
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    CS 1.5 Pics

    Want that supposed to be out like last month? :grrrrr: Well I hope they make it worth the wait :)
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    Geforce 4MX-T ( should i take it ? )

    Actually, a GF4MX is a mutated GeForce 2.
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    Geforce 4MX-T ( should i take it ? )

    Stay away from anything MX. Period. I would get a Radeon 7500 if I were you, but that's just me.
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    CD Burning Products Picks and Pans

    I have a 12x8x32 CD-RW by LG Electronics. It's actually a Sony clone, come to find out. I've tried quite a few brands, and the only one I've had a problem with is CompUSA's store brand. I bought a 25-CD Spindle of their colored CDs, and EasyCD kept spitting them out 5 minutes into a burn...
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    buy longhorn?

    CD Encrytion is about as much a deterrant as a car alarm...
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    Graphics card, HD and a tax return

    Go for either a Radeon 8500 128Mb or a GeForce4 Ti 4400. The Ti4400 can be OC'ed to the same specs as the 4600 without any extra heat to speak of.
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    Upgrade plans ?

    I just ordered a new case and motherboard last week. I finally will me able to use the Duron 900 that's been sitting in my closet since Feb. The mobo I ordered is a Shuttle AK12A, along with This case. With memory prices going back up, and plenty of SDRAM laying around, I decided to hold off...
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    Ddr Ram

    try taking out the SDRAM. He probally has a combo board...
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    Counterstrike responsible ?

    I wonder if he bunnyhopped... :rolleyes:
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    DIRECT CD for XP...Does it exist??

    I've had too many problems with DirectCD ruining my CDs to reccomend it. And most DirectCD-created CDs arent readable by just any computer, they're very, VERY picky. Heck...I cant even get other drives in the same computer to read them!
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    Looking for

    You can use Windows Media Encoder. If you set it to loopback, it will record anything that goes through your sound card.
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    Ready To Pay?

    I don't know about any of you, but I have better stuff to spend my money besides website content and software.
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    The Web of Thieves

    *looks at empty CD spindle* *looks at incoming SWAT team* Oh Dear... And BTW, the best-quality movies you will ever play on your computer are the ones you rip yourselves. For true DVD quality, it will take 3 or 4 CDs, but it's worth it. Besides, are you guys really too cheap to take a...
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    why CS:CZ?

    Has anyone in the Computer industry ever listened to that? I say the same thing about any computer faster than 1.5Ghz. OooOOh WOW! IE opens 0.5 milliseconds faster than on my current 900mhz! Where's my checkbook!? People say it's a "Gaming Machine". Laff...still makes absolutely no...
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    On Screen Display for Volume

    Try looking around eBay. I've seen some people that buy surplus keyboards in bulk and sell them in a Dutch auction. There's usually a download link to the drivers right in the auction description. If not, someone should be kind enough to send you a copy if you email them nicely.
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    A good download manager

    I have GetRight and like it alot. "Everything you need, nothing you dont."
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    Password after Hibernation?

    OMG I cant believe I missed that....thank you!!
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    Need to run outlook express...

    now why would you have to do that? Outlook Express can handle more than one account at once, you know.