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  1. VONU

    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Hi everyone :-). Seems quite busy in here....
  2. VONU

    Camera Advice

    you might want to look at the Panasonic Lumix g1 tuffgong4. it is noticeably smaller than other cameras because it does away with the optical viewfinder. it is a 4/3 sensor and so is likely to struggle to give you very shallow depth of field (if this is what you want), but otherwise i think it...
  3. VONU

    Getting a Camera

    maybe a panasonic lumix dmc-fz50 if you can get one in the jan sales. i considered this myself but could never find one in stock anywhere and chose instead to switch to dslr for the larger sensor (not that i've bought yet!). the main problem i find with the bridge type long zoom cameras is that...
  4. VONU

    Any one any good with printers, hardware problem...

    afaik its best to soak the heads for a few hours rather than just rub away at them. the soaking should get more gunk out and lessen abrasion. hope this helps :-)
  5. VONU

    New printer and external HDD

    for photo printing your choice is inkjet or dyesub. you may prefer dyesub is you like glossies, but most people prefer inkjet. and although an all-in-one may produce ok results, if you really aren't bothered about the price, better to go with a dedicated photo printer. epson, hp, and canon each...
  6. VONU

    [Finished] OSNN, Buzz Corps and HP Magic Giveaway

    Re: OSNN, BUZZ CORPS and HP MAGIC GIVEAWAY interesting way to run the contest. i got a bit confused in all the details but it seems to favour members who have been around and contributing a while (rather than newbies like me). if that is the case, i say well done. that is as it should be. best...