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    Monitor standby

    Some info on monitors... I've been told that repeatedly turning off your monitor can reduce the lifespan of your monitor. I only turn it off once a day and that's when I go to bed. As an alternative you could go into screensavers choose blank screensaver and choose preview. You can set...
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    About Sound and Video CPU

    I understand that my sound card and video card could have a cpu on board that can reduce loading time on the cpu. I was wondering if my hardware has this feature and how to make sure its enabled since by default windows XP may not have enabled it. I have a Windows XP All in wonder ati...
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    Serious Help

    The power off is here. I just thought I'd reply since I'm having the same problem. The shut off feature is under Display properties>Screen Saver>Power>Shut down. This will have your computer shut down based on idle time. My computer shuts down as well when idle for some time. I don't...
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    Msn Messanger + Outlook Express

    My bad Hmmm, ever get second hand knowledge and pass it on with out testing it? yeah that explains this situation real well. I took that information from a tech website so you know I assumed it worked. I just tested it out myself and no where is messenger added to the list of removable...
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    SUM1 PLZ HELP!!!!!!!! *wmp*

    " it may have something to do with ulead product. its not a MS file look below " This is a solution I took from a different forums. The link suggests that you can get the file by reinstalling one of these products. If you had one of the...
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    Can I erase everything in my "Temp" folder?

    This isn't for sure or anything, but when you install programs they create a folder to store the installation files. At a later date you may wish to modify your installation. For example remove or add new files. But, if you remove the temporary installation files then this feature may...
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    A simple XP install huh???

    If it's a hdd related issue. Run scandisk If somehow the files became jittery due to reinstallation constantly or some other problem. Try downloading a new mp3 file. And see if the problem occurs in this new file. If so then it's something wrong with your existing files. Creative...
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    Msn Messanger + Outlook Express

    By turning off that option it just doesn't connect, but it'll load. If you don't use Messenger don't just rename the folder. By doing this you prevent the program from ever being loaded unless you rename the folder back to it's original name. Which is bothersome. Just uninstall it...
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    Killed Virus but he left something behind?

    Restore point before you were infected. If you know the date. If not then you have to run a program called msconfig. It can be run via the run command. Check under startup and under boot for anything suspicious. Laters
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    Having a problem playing Lan games

    Workgroups need to be the same. Ip's obtained automattically are not always different by one. Ip's connected via a hub and not directly will have ip's probably not even close to eachother, since it's no longer the host computer providing your ip, but your isp. Computers need a way to...
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    Logging in using a different login name.

    I have a problem with networking over two xp machines. I had created a user account and logged into it and it remembered my password. Now I wish to change the user account I use to login to my network computer, but it doesn't prompt me no more it simply trys to connect with the first...
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    embarrising, this is.

    Look under the display properties and choose the display tab. Now near the bottom of that window is a button that says customize desktop. Laters
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    How do you turn off autocomplete in MSN Explorer?

    *Trys to apologe to Iceman through foot in mouth* haha sorry dude my mistake. I would love to offer a solution to your problem, but personally I don't like msn. Doesn' it appear as a AOL rip off? laters
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    need help please

    I see, I'm not sure cause I don't recieve those exact same errors, but my system is as you described it. What I mostly do is hold the shift key as I delete a file. This method by passes your recycle bin and gets deleted fully. Well as fully as possible without using shredding. There...
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    I agree with Faner about using TCP/IP over IPX Just to prove my point I'll add some interesting facts. Windows XP will disable ipx protocal all the time. It is set to manual. It will only turn on when a device makes a request for it then it will immediately turn itself off again...
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    oDin is wrong and right. But if you do some research on netbui you'll find that it's not recommended, very bad security whise. You didn't provide enough information so I'm going to have to assume some things and ask you one question. First the question. How are these computers...
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    How do you turn off autocomplete in MSN Explorer?

    haha don't listen to iceman, I have no idea what he's talking about. Damnyank is right. Go under the "tools" "internet options" "content" then "auto complete" and uncheck the areas you don't want to use auto complete. Might be a good idea to clear the clear forms and passwords as well...
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    when is it time to reformat?

    Why would you ever need to format? I never experience these bog downs that everyone talks about. Regular maintaince on your computer should prevent bog downs. I format in only three cases. One I can not recover from a crash due to my own stupidity. A virus so wide spread it can't be...
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    Your buddy list is and has always been stored on microsofts server. As a result you never need to back it up. You can under file save contact list. Second 4.7.0082 is the latest version. Get the update. It updates some security loop holes I believe. Third Under "Tools" then...
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    How do I fix this problem?

    3dfx went under before they released drivers for XP. Going to the 3dfx site and downloading the most up to date ones will still be over a year old and will probably give you problems. I know banshee is old, but I can't remember how old. If you had 3d support you'll probably lose much of...