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    Replace DVD drive for Mac Pro (intel)

    Lots of options at OWC. I've purchased many upgrades from them.
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    Copying protected DVDs

    I use HandBrake to copy my DVDs for viewing on my iPhone and PSP.
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    Safari 4 Beta

    The only tweak I've done is to restore the load progress bar. defaults write DebugSafari4IncludeToolbarRedesign -bool NO defaults write DebugSafari4LoadProgressStyle -bool NO
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    Safari 4 Beta

    Yep - I really like how the Zoom In/Out now resizes everything, not just the text. It also zooms via multitouch pinch and un-pinch on my MacBook Pro. I have noticed something funky with the fonts over at Slashdot, specifically the Re: (Score 2)s that you can see in the attached screenshot.
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    OSX: Isolate audio sources like vista volume

    Just tried it - it does let you mute or set a different volume for each application without recording.
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    iMac G4 - password and/or memory required?

    that's interesting, 2 types of memory. If you have access to another Mac you can also use Target Mode. I did that to upgrade my brother's PowerMac G4 as it didn't want to boot the 10.5 DVD (it booted the 10.4 DVD w/out any problem.). Basically I put the install DVD in my MacBook, powered...
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    OpenFirmware for iMac G4

    Check here to figure out the right kind of memory.
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    OS 9.2.1 CD, will not boot

    Would love to help more, but I'm not familiar with Open Firmware. I was more technical with hardware when I ran OS/2 as I built my own computers to avoid the Windows Tax.
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    OS 9.2.1 CD, will not boot

    Try holding down the ALT/OPTION key during boot. On mine it provides a choice of drives to boot from, it may include the CD if it's in the drive.
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    Best/suitable/shipped iMac G4 OS

    Depends on the specs of the iMac G4. Unlike Windows, newer releases of OS X tend to run faster than prior releases, so you'll want to install the highest version that supports the hardware. This is mentioned in this review of 10.4 10.3 requirements - can definitely install this on the iMac...
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    UEFA video problems

    If the website say's not supported, then the website is probably part of the problem as it's most likely not even attempting to send the video. One thing to try is to lie to the website by changing Firefox's user agent string. Enter "about:" (no quotes) in the URL text box and you'll see...
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    MediaLink for Mac to PS3

    Just started using MediaLink, it's a UPNP server for the Mac that lets you share pictures, music and videos from your Mac to your PS3. Seems to work quite well, I especially like the PS3's slideshow (YouTube). Only issue I've seen is the protected content won't play on the PS3.
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    WebKit nightly

    Agreed, WebKit is quite speedy. Plus it's the first publicly available browser to hit 100% on Acid3, though I do notice the nose is slightly off on Acid2.
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    Just bought a PS3... Now what to do with it?

    2nd vote for Super Stardust HD. Ratchet & Clank is quite well done. I loved Portal in The Orange Box, though if you have a PC or 360 you'll want one of those versions of The Orange Box.
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    [Rumor] Apple 42" and 50" Plasma Displays

    Plasma's have a problem with burn-in of static images. Not exactly conducive to computer use.
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    Apple Releases First Intel-based Macs

    Nice, though I'm holding off for a 17" 1680x1050 version of the MacBook.
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    Google Earth for Mac

    I see the Direct X option is gone :laugh: