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    The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

    Thanks! I managed to get your original post with those links and I'm currently using Autofill which does a reasonably good job. I hope I'm not sounding too picky here but I'm wondering if there is an extension that behaves in exactly the same way as Opera in that if I were to type in a letter...
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    The Mozilla/Firefox/Thunderbird discussion (Part 3)

    Hi guys. I've just started using Firefox instead of Opera and I'm mighty impressed. The one thing that I wish Firefox had that Opera has is the ability to store personal information for filling in webforms. Is there any such extension to Firefox that would allow such a thing? Kind regards
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    Problem with MSN Messenger 7 beta

    Doing that though means that you can't send nudges either. However, if you install the patch from, that will allow you to still send nudges but your window won't shake but the other person's will :) I can't find a way to link to the page on so here are the instructions as to...
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    GTA Vice City Saved Game Files

    For future reference, before you format, copy the folder called GTA Vice City user files which is in your My Documents folder (mine is anyway), to a CD and just bung them back in your My Documents after you've reinstalled Vice City :)
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    Unauthorized Network User

    Are both your flat mates PCs working properly (ie: they can access the internet, shared folders, shared printers, etc)? It could be that one of their PCs hasn't connected properly to the router and so hasn't been assigned an IP address. Apologies if you've already done this :)
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    Kazaa Lite 2.10 and XP SP2 problems

    As far as I'm aware, your IP address is logged/tracked as soon as you log on to the program regardless of what you are doing. OK so I'm not downloading music but when my IP address is logged, people are automatically assuming that I am meaning that I'll have to prove that I'm not using the...
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    Kazaa Lite 2.10 and XP SP2 problems

    You are judgemental because you don't know what reason I have for using Kazaa. You are assuming that I am downloading copyrighted music which I can assure you I am not. I am also not downloading copyrighted software. I'm not, but I could be, using it as a means for sharing my band's music...
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    Kazaa Lite 2.10 and XP SP2 problems

    Very judegemental aren't we? Interesting development, the same version works on my sister's computer without XP SP2. Could that be causing the problem?
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    Kazaa Lite 2.10 and XP SP2 problems

    Hi guys :) I did a fresh install of XP Home with SP2 yesterday. Everything is working swimmingly well except Kazaa Lite 2.10 with a build date of 18th April 2003. Before I formatted, this program had never caused me a problem and would always connect. Now, it's just not connecting. I seem...
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    Micro Precision Mini Digital Camera

    Hi folks. I was given the above camera as a present but have so far been unable to produce pictures without a red glare/tint to them. The camera is this one: I've been unable to find a website that mentions this problem. I've installed the...
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    Samurize Tutorials, Help, and Configs

    I am using the following plugin and it works a charm: :)
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    Wireless router

    Hi again everyone. Got my new toy today (a Belkin wireless router - F5D6231-4), set it all up as described above - no internet :-( I do need a ethernet conenction on the modem after all. I assumed that I would be able to set my PC up as the gateway for the laptop and my sister's computer to...
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    June 2004 Desktop Captures

    It's called Extensis and can be found at Oh, and I agree that it is great - just started using it about 10 minutes ago!
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    June 2004 Desktop Captures

    Hi :) What are the icons that you are using there? Thanks a lot :)
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    Football/soccer thoughts

    OI!! There was bugger all wrong with that song :D (me actually being serious by the way and I'm not in anyway biased of course :D)
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    What a Match Arsenal 1 Chelsea 2 YAY!

    I think everyone feels the same way about Ranieri. Such a good bloke doesn't deserve that. Now if it was Wenger, I could understand :D Not just Spurs fans, everyone :D Especially United fans :) Me favourite song at the minute goes something like this: "Have you ever won the treble...
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    April Desktops

    First time of revealing my desktop to the world :D Has taken me ages to figure out how to use Samurize to decent effect and I'm pleased with the end result. No doubt I'll be keeping it this way for a while! Info: Skinning program: Style XP Theme: Velvet Waves Icons: Foood's iCandy...
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    Icon Replacement Woes

    It appears that you have sorted out the problem now, but just so you know for the future, just put that adress into quote marks, eg: "C:\Documents and Settings\Nerd\My Documents\icons\Light_Blue___Sage\Light Blue & Sage\Serenity Sage\_Customize.ico,0" Will work in the registry :) I've...
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    February Desktop Screen Captures

    Hi Beginning :) I notice that you use LaunchTab. Well I tried using it a few weeks back and some of the programs that I added did not have an icon. Any idea how I can solve that? If it helps, I've got Microangelo and iPhile :)
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    February Desktop Screen Captures

    Hi gonaads :) Any idea where I can get the Simple icons that you are using? I've done a search on Google but I've only been able to find them for the Mac and I'm using Windows XP. Cheers :) Edit, never mind, found 'em :)