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    Explorer.exe keeps restarting!

    hey guys i had the same problem and i used my antivirus program to scan and the problem was there were trojans they were trojan vundo or sumthing like that. i use Alyac which is a korean antivirus program and it deleted the file for me. if there isnt an english version then im sorry i dont know...
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    How to hack the uxtheme.dll???

    All you noobs, here is an already patched (hacked if you will) uxtheme.dll file. It is in .RAR format so you will need a program like winrar. Link to patched uxtheme.dll in RAR format: Link to tutorial(s) to manually patch...
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    Motorola RAZR V3 / V3c Drivers (with download links)

    Well, I just bought the Handset Manager V9.2, and now that's giving me trouble as well. When I try to install the drivers on either the V3 or V3r option, it won't read that the phone's plugged into the computer. It says to replug it in, or go to settings> connections> usb settings, but all ihas...
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    Motorola RAZR V3 / V3c Drivers (with download links)

    Well, I installed the driver (have XP) and it's charging, but when I try to use P2k commander, it says it's not connected (AT device disconnected) even when it is, then it asks me to install Motorola Test Command or Motorola Accessory. And when I try to install...
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    Motorola RAZR V3 / V3c Drivers (with download links)

    Erm, so I went to install the driver (I have a Razr v3re.. does that make any difference?) and it's warning me that it hasn't passed the Windows Logo test. Is it still safe to install?
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    Logitech G11 keyboard media keys not working

    By default, Winamp support for standard keyboard multimedia keys is not enabled. Follow the instructions below to enable this feature in Winamp. Launch Winamp Select Options->Preferences... Select Global Hotkeys (on the left) and place a check in the box labeled Enabled Click the Close...
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    Right click brings up Macromedia Contribute Install

    Hi all. It seemed to happen to me too, after I upgraded to Flash Player 9. I contacted Adobe about this and this is the solution they suggested. It worked fine for me:
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    [Game Review] Half Life 2 : Episode One

    i have a question about a possible glitch. in "Urban Fight" there is the area where you fight the huge antlion, and after i kill it, Alyx won't follow me by coming off the balcony. not when i start plugging the holes with the cars, and not when the combine come, despite being far away from...
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    Can't uninstall WMP11

    The folder "c:\windows\$NtUninstallwmp11$" is not on my computer and so when I attempt to rollback to WMP10 it fails. I think it was removed by CCleaner, which is now uninstalled. Could someone here possibly send my that folder so that I can successfully install WMP11? Thanks a lot EDIT: I...
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    Slow 2D Performance with GeForce 6800GT

    Did anyone manage to *really* resolve this issue?
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    wireless networking, the odd SST-PR-1

    If you research the SS-PR-1 SSID in a search engine, you will find alot of comments claiming it belongs to sears trucks but providing no backup evidence. If you investigate search hits more throroughly you will find this SSID often pops up in proximity to military installations and government...
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    [osnn Exclusive] Tesco Xbox360 Stock Levels

    just rung up the slough branch - the queue is massive, well over 10 people. looks like some poor buggers are going to walk away disappointed
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    Debate: Dvorak vs. Qwerty

    You might be interested in this interesting page. It is a Java applet that compares the amout of keystrokes that are on the top, home and bottom rows of the keyboard. I've tried Dvorak for a couple of weeks. The main reason I didn't completely...