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    Need Bluetooth Headphones for Samsung P3

    Folks, i'm now looking for bluetooth to pair it up with my coming Samung P3. Any model will you recommend? I need something could provide good sound quality.
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    Best sound quality music player?

    i have a friend who always listen jazz suggest me to buy this kenwood player: HD30GB9 HDD MP3 Player. i thought it is a little bit expensive. But it seem it can provide excellent sound quality. I guess I need a better headphones too.
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    Best sound quality music player?

    most of my pop music were bought from itunes but i have my Jazz collection in CD. I'm thinking of getting a player which can play WMA format, so the player must have at least 20GB. My new player will listen to Jazz only. Also need a pair of headphones better than Sennheiser PX200, any suggestion?
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    Best sound quality music player?

    I have been noticing lately that I am in love with Jazz music and the sound quality of my iPod is not good enough. Want to get something new? Any suggestion?
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    The Official “New To This Community” Thread

    Hello! How are you? Nice too see you!
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    Wireless Headphones

    Sennheiser RS 130 Wireless Headphones are very nice, they are not expensive too. Sennheiser's sound quality are always good.