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    Router to Router

    Check to see if your router supports isolation.
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    Large volume user WLAN

    Hey guys...I'm hoping that someone in here can help me out. I am looking into installing a wireless network for a local high school. The APs will be connected into my pre-existing gigabit ethernet switches and routed through a Linux-based firewall that will provides tiered access to the net...
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    VPN....Virtual Pain in the Neck!!

    Yes, I have started a thread in the networking section...if you guys could help, I'd greatly appreciate it! Thanks!!!
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    Port Forwarding HELP!

    Repost sry
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    1494 compliance...WTH is it???

    Ha! I thought the same thing! I have no clue what they're asking about and no-one else has heard of 1494...maybe they need to try soft drinks instead! :laugh:
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    1494 compliance...WTH is it???

    Does anyone know anything about 1494 compliance? I have some customers asking if one of our wireless products is 1494 compliant...and have no clue what it is? Any help would be useful!
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    Help defining function keys...easier copy/paste

    looking for a way to define macros to my function keys in XP Pro SP2. I am having to copy/paste thousands of times, and don't want to continue using ctrl-c/v. Any way to set my function keys to do the same??? Thanks in advance.
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    Windows Activation question

    Great...I will give this a try today. Thanks again.
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    Windows Activation question

    Do you happen to have a number for that? I've far to no avail...thanks!
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    Windows Activation question

    A coworker installed XP Pro on a newly build machine...on E partition rather than C. Is there anything I can do about that??? If I decide to re-format the harddrive, will XP allow me to activate the same serial number again?
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    FS: Hammerhead XRT Tablet PC with Wonderware InTouch 8.0 SP2 dev license!

    Title says it all. Retail value over 6 thousand dollars. Email me at for more information.
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    [Review] Dell Inspiron 700m

    I'm able to play Rise of Nations at high detail level with no detrimental speed loss on my 700m, so thats good enough for me! I'm really impressed with the Intel Extreme Graphics 2...much better than I thought...but no comparison to my 6800 Ultra. But I digress (comparing apples to oranges...)...
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    Asus P4p800

    The white connector that plugs into the HHDs (supplies them with power).
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    2 BFG 6800GT's SLI with other stuff $799 shipped!!!

    I have one ultra now and its more than enough...will go SLi when I need
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    1394 Net Adapter Broken

    Broken? Disable it in Device Manager and should re-discover the device and reinstall the drivers then...if not then add new hardware manually...
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    PC Starts Itself

    Oh man, i needed a good laugh today...CALL THE EXORCIST!!! Seriously...check ur bios man...I had a friend with that mobo and it was a bit finicky at first...
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    CPU cooler for AMD 64 939?

    Wow, guys I just flew back in town from Orlando...this thread has really taken off...and added many I need to sort through everything and make a decision...any hard evidence as to which of the options will best benefit me?
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    One of the funniest videos I've ever seen.

    poor, poor kid...
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    CPU cooler for AMD 64 939?

    Just did some reading on this one and it sounds great! Quiet and cheap...AND, it outperforms the stock HS...sweet. Thanks!
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    CPU cooler for AMD 64 939?

    Yeah mines pretty good with stock, but I wanna overclock a bit and want a little better cooler before doing so...just wondering if anyone has any experience with some of the aftermarket ones...